The 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament Bracket


Welcome to the 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament!

Here is a picture of the bracket:

How to gain access to your game:

  1. You will need to have a google account to complete. If you do not have one, go to and click sign up.
  2. I will first share with each individual player a password in a PM.
  3. Next, open the google document link for the game you will be competing in. At this moment it will have you on view only.
  4. click the blue box that says view only and then click request edit access
  5. in the section where it says “add a note for the owner”, add the password that I sent to you in the PM. (This is to verify that the person requesting edit access is actually the players and not someone else)
  6. Then, tomorrow at 9:00 am, I will open up the chess games by accepting your requests for edit access.

How to play in Google Spreadsheets:

  • To move a piece, click on it, release your mouse, then click and drag to where you want to put that piece.
  • when you make a move, make sure to record your move next to the board. If you are playing as black for example and on your third move you are moving your King’s Pawn foward on place from where it started, you would put “Pawn E2 to E3” in the third black box in the chart for moves…
    • once you run out of places to put your moves, you can extend the spreadsheet by right clicking on the farthest right row and click on “enter column” (this will add a new column so a new move can be added.
  • whenever a piece is captured, move it over to your row of captured pieces. If you are playing as white and you capture a black piece, place that piece on the white row of the Taken pieces chart.
  • The first person listed in the game will play as white and the second person listed will play as black. The seeding was randomized, so it is completely fair.
  • otherwise, follow all chess rules and the rules outlined in the signup page which are:
    • The tournament will be a single elimination tournament with 16 slots.
    • In the case of a draw or stalemate, matches will be replayed
    • The chess matches will not be timed
    • The matches will take place on shared google spreadsheets.
    • The winner of the tournament will be crowned the 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Champion!

List of Game Spreadsheets:

Round 1 - Game 1 - @JeSeraiGuy vs. @typeusernamehere

Round 1 - Game 2 - @ReverseEnigma vs. @MARS_James

Round 1 - Game 3 - @snowmaninblack vs. @wsh32

Round 1 - Game 4 - @Aiden vs. @penguinothepenguin

Round 1 - Game 5 - @Evan_S vs. @gellnick

Round 1 - Game 6 - @Anuraag_Routray vs. @L_Root

Round 1 - Game 7 - @jackTHEnerd vs. @rockinthespecs

Round 1 - Game 8 - @FloodieWowers vs. @ash4fun

Spectating and Backups:

  • feel free to spectate any of these matches, however please refrain from requestion edit acces unless you are a part of the game in question… Thanks!

  • If you wish to be a backup there was a poll for this in the signup thread. Here is a link to that poll:

    Backup Poll

Pinging participating players:


It only lets you mention 10 people in a post, so I will Ping the 6 remaining people in a reply

PM’s with the passwords will be going out shortly, so be prepared for that…

(Hopefully I do not run into a PM limit… If I do, I will have to share some of the passwords tomorrow before the day begins or I may post here to have you PM me so I can send you the password)

Happy Chess Playing!!!

The 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament Signups

Remaining Pings:



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Oh who’s what color?


read the rules lol


EVERYONE, keep on the lookout for a PM from @TheFlash


YA YEET! This game is TOO EASY.

I will snag the Victory Royale no questions asked!



All the PMs have been sent. Please request edit access to your game, using the password given.

This process is described above:


When’s the next?


This is the official 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament… So maybe next year?


we could do like a summer offseason tournament to practice for next year…

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Get ready to see me lose in the first round. I suck at chess.


:man_shrugging: who knows, you could do great!


Does it work on mobile?


hmmm good question I do not know


does anyone else know?


do you have a google spreadsheets app on ur phone?


I would suggest against mobile. Google stuff doesn’t work too well on mobile. For viewing is ok but editing would not be great as there isn’t a cursor.

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If not everyone request for edit access within the next 3 days, then we will bring in backups.


K, I’ll request access when I get home


as long as it is in the next 3 days u are all good


Btw, what are the rules on computers?

And are any of these rules enforceable?