The 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament Signups

The 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Tournament


  • The tournament will be a single elimination tournament with 16 slots.
  • In the case of a draw or stalemate, matches will be replayed
  • The chess matches will not be timed
  • The matches will take place on shared google spreadsheets.
  • The winner of the tournament will be crowned the 2019 Chief Delphi Chess Champion!


  • Signups will be open until 2019-04-30T03:59:00Z
  • I will randomly create the bracket and release it on 2019-04-30T04:00:00Z
  • The first round will begin on 2019-05-01T12:00:00Z
  • each round will last until the final game has finished, so please only sign up if you actually intend to play the games and compete
  • Once a round is complete, information will be posted about when the next round will begin… Each new round should start 24 hours after the prior round finished

I will not be competing this year, as I will be moderating the competition…


Slots Remaining: 0

  • I would like to join the tournament
  • I do not want to join the tournament
  • I can not join this year
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Signups are Now Closed!

here is a link to a signup to be a backup in case somone decides to back out:

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can message me @theflash…

If not enough people join, I may have to make it an 8 person tournament instead of a 16 person tournament

How do you play chess in GSheets?

there will be directions on how to play once the bracket is released on 2019-04-30T04:00:00Z

“You have to sign the bill before you read it”

huh? @Tomithy

Was making a joke about you saying directions would be posted after the bracket was released by comparing it to times that politicians have tried to get bills passed before allowing the voters/Congress to read it (and, yes this has happened in Congress before)

oh well the directions of how it works in GSheets isn’t the important part… The important part are the rules of the game itself which I already shared, funny joke tho

Is there a time limit per game?

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Here are criteria for stalemate/draw btw


  • Stalemate – if the player on turn has no legal move but is not in check, this is stalemate and the game is automatically a draw.
  • Threefold repetition – if an identical position has occurred at least three times during the course of the game with the same player to move each time, and is the current position on the board or will occur after the player on turn makes his move, the player on move may claim a draw (to the arbiter). In such a case the draw is not automatic - a player must claim it if he wants the draw. When the position will occur for the third time after the player’s intended next move, he writes the move on his score sheet but does not make the move on the board and claims the draw. Article 9.2 states that a position is considered identical to another if the same player is on move, the same types of pieces of the same colors occupy the same squares, and the same moves are available to each player; in particular, each player has the same castling and en passant capturing rights. (A player may lose his right to castle; and an en passant capture is available only at the first opportunity.) If the claim is not made on the move in which the repetition occurs, the player forfeits the right to make the claim. Of course, the opportunity may present itself again.
    • A similar rule was added in section 9.6 of the FIDE laws of chess on July 1, 2014. If the same position occurs for five consecutive moves by both players, the game is automatically a draw (i.e. a player does not have to claim it).
  • The fifty-move rule – if in the previous 50 moves by each side, no pawn has moved and no capture has been made, a draw may be claimed by either player. Here again, the draw is not automatic and must be claimed if the player wants the draw. If the player whose turn it is to move has made only 49 such moves, he may write his next move on the scoresheet and claim a draw. As with the threefold repetition, the right to claim the draw is forfeited if it is not used on that move, but the opportunity may occur again.
    • A similar rule was added in section 9.6 of the FIDE laws of chess on July 1, 2014. If no capture or no pawn move has occurred in the last 75 moves (by both players), the game is automatically a draw (i.e. a player does not have to claim it). If the last move was a checkmate, the checkmate stands.
  • Impossibility of checkmate – if a position arises in which neither player could possibly give checkmate by a series of legal moves, the game is a draw (“dead position”). This is usually because there is insufficient material left, but it is possible in other positions too. Combinations with insufficient material to checkmate are:
    • king versus king
    • king and bishop versus king
    • king and knight versus king
    • king and bishop versus king and bishop with the bishops on the same color.
  • Mutual agreement – a player may offer a draw to his opponent at any stage of a game. If the opponent accepts, the game is a draw.

if we get less than 16 peopl, I will have to go with the first 8 to sign up and make an 8 person bracket… currently there is only 7 people

Now there are 8

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sign ups are until 2019-04-30T03:59:00Z

so if we get 8 more by then it will be a 16 person tournament… I we do not, I will have to take the first 8 and make a 8 person tournament

I would like to play!

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There are only 2 slots remaining!

There is only 1 slot remaining!


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@GoalkeeperBoss are you joining or no?