The 2020 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

The Robonauts Everybot, costing less than $1000, is an affordable, robust, and simplistic robot that can be built with nothing but basic tools and items found in either the kit of parts, purchased from your local hardware store, or an online retailer such as AndyMark, Vexpro, McMaster-Carr, etc. We hope to help students and teams find their stride in FRC regardless of their circumstances or practical limitations. In the 2019 season, nearly a hundred teams built off of the Robonauts Everybot concept, and we are excited for what the 2020 season holds.

In our analysis of Infinite Recharge, we’ve found that a short list of robot capabilities will define a robot capable of playing in a district finals match or having a place on an alliance at a championship. We stuck to the most valuable and basic scoring tasks.

The 2020 Robonauts Everybot Robot Will:

  • Feed a partner its preloads during autonomous
  • Leave the Initiation Line during autonomous
  • Drive over the Boundaries
  • Drive through the Trench
  • Pick up and hold 5 power cells
  • Score power cells in the bottom port
  • Play defense
  • Hang from the Generator Switch

Next weekend, a short video, CAD, bill of materials, software, and documentation of how we built Everybot will be posted here and on our website. We also hope to post match videos of Everybot playing alongside other robots built for Infinite Recharge.


dang, that’s pretty good

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The Everybot build and documentation is coming along well and we expect to have everything posted Sunday or shortly after.

I wanted to give an update to our “Robot Will” list to clarify the strategy we think is important. We are removing “Drive through the Trench” in order to simplify our climber mechanism. In eliminations matches, a low goal robot is probably not going to need to use the route under the control panel as a fast high-goal shooting partner will be using it instead.

Hope everyone is having a great week breaking down the game and prototyping.

-The Robonauts Everybot squad


Do you know at this time what the chassis dimensions for the EveryBot will be?


I am pretty sure that it is the KOP chassis. That is what it has been the last two years.
(I am not affiliated with 118 so I am not the ultimate authority)

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Everybot this year uses an AndyMark AM14U4 KOP Chassis. It is the long configuration which is 32.3" long and is cut to be 24" wide. There are no bumper cutouts. We should have most of the Everybot content posted by Sunday.


Will there be a week -6 event like last year?

Ah, so that means the competition 118 robot will drive under the trench.


Yes, we will be having the week -6 event on Sunday. We will not be live streaming it this year, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube after the event.

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Can’t wait for the day when 118 gets allied with two everybot teams.


You just have to pick them for your alliance partners like you did in pasadena

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That was a very good year for my friends on the black and green team :slight_smile:

Neither can they.


Hey all,

We’ve posted a video of the 2020 Everybot.

We’re finishing up CAD and expect to post it today or tomorrow. The remaining documentation is coming soon as well.


Fantastic resource as always! I’d imagine the decision not to shoot was a contentious one… I think the decisions made on this bot speak to the relative difficulty of building a competitive robot with limited resources this season. You need to climb, feed balls across the field, and have a stellar intake at a minimum. That level of basic functionality is higher than most years for entry level teams.

Thanks for enabling low resource teams to build a competitive robot. Just like previous years this will be the first thing I point struggling teams towards.


This is almost exactly what my MMC strategy was as well. Serious kudos to 118 putting together these fantastic resources every year!


Love it, and so thankful I’ll be able to share it with me students today. Our team generally makes similar strategic priorities and having an early look at how those strategies can be implemented successfully helps. High versus low scoring is still a contentious topic on my team.

I like the floor intake geometry on Everybot. On my team, we’ve looked at 341 and 16 robots from Rebound Rumble as examples, but its hard not to get distracted by all the other flashy features on those bots when designing for this game.

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Thank you so much for providing such an elegant design as a great resource for the community.

Is there anything limiting the number of Power Cells that can be picked up?

If the climber mechanism was not fixed upright, would the rest of the robot fit under the Control Panel?

PS: Love the continuity with previous competition bot and previous Everybot. Also cool to see the “other Robonaut”.

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It sounds like 118’s Everybot is unable to. Some other teams that build it may be able to tweak it to make it work.

It might just barely miss the bottom of the control panel removing the climber. Unless its the camera angle that makes it look like this.

Totally emailing this to our Quick Build teams. Thank you for continuing to make this a priority for the Robonauts!