The 2020 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

The cage above the front roller is sized such that it tends to jam as soon as a sixth ball is picked up.

The climber is the only part of the robot keeping it from fitting under the control panel. If, for instance, a different climber was stowed down into the robot, or a partner were to lift it, Everybot could drive under the control panel. We think that a simple climber that smoothly lifts the robot is much more important than driving through the trench.


Can’t wait to get CAD and assembly guides! 6814 is definitely considering copy-pasting that ball mech onto our robot for this year.

If you had more time/budget allotment, how would you go about fixing the 5-ball issue? Or is there somewhere else on this robot you would put more resources toward?

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The 5-ball issue is a non-issue because purposely picking up a 6th Power Cell would be a penalty on you (G6).

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Not only is it a non-issue, it’s a value added feature.


I’m Intrested in the CAD when it’s released and weight on the intake and low dump mech


That’s sort of the root of my question. I know that picking up a 6th ball for “more than a moment” breaks G6, so I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to mechanically stop yourself from picking up ball #6. Trying to minimize the things the driver needs to worry about.

After having driven this robot for a couple hours in a mock-match setting, I don’t think this is a serious concern. It’s pretty reasonable to pick out five even from a tight pile. After maybe eight matches with 25-35 balls a match in the low goal, I only picked up six balls once.


Thank you!

If you were to spend more time on a facet of this robot (whether that be something you want to improve or something you want to add that doesn’t already exist) what would you focus on?

Good question.

I’d speed up the climb a little; lower the intake roller a tad for more compression, and practice driving.


These builds taught me to look at cost a little more closely.


Here’s a video of our best match with the Week 6 Ri3D/Robots Done Quick team.

Scoring lots of balls, and we definitely found how hard it is to score 49 balls. Our alliance scored 54, 35 from Everybot. The Week 6 robot is super sweet and we’re glad they came to play today.


Wow, what a way to team up


Since someone asked about potential improvements or changes, do you have a way to (legally) pass balls in autonomous that doesn’t require the other robot to have the ability to shoot to the side with a turret?

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Look at how they loaded Week 6. Definitely situational though.


That is what prompted my post. The red bot starts the match outside their frame perimeter and the everybot isn’t on the line. It’s obviously a practice match but I don’t want teams expecting to do that week 1.

Both robots are on the line. Our bad on Week 6’s intake, their velcro stowing mechanism was wearing out by the end of the day. We just didn’t have it folded up for this match.


And even if it wasn’t on the line: put more delay on Everybot to let Week 6 deploy, then clock both robots for more line-straddling but an acceptable angle to rack up 24 points (plus ten for the installation line). Boom done.

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The intake usually starts within the frame, that just happened to be one of the only matches when it fell down right before match start.

I am uploading a video shortly of a side view of our auton with them.


Here is a video of us running a clean auton with them.


Maybe an auto path designed to be directly next to a robot, drive forward and then reverse so you end up in front of them, then outtake to ground and roll em in?

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