The 2021 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

I like it but I don’t agree with the robot making it live if no loops is their goal.

Teams will just get it so the ball bounces off the wall and lands in the robot

Furthermore wouldn’t the Everybot video be legal? That can’t be what they want

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These videos are an amazing resource. Teams now have benchmark times for these challenges, which is incredibly important when it comes to any sort of time shaving challenge/race. Once again the Everybot crew is raising the bar in terms of team provided resources.


That is my preference, that only the the floor or HP can revive a PC. I don’t think it is intended for intentionally catching PC to rescore. I think it the rules are a little unrestricted however to deal with accidental bounce ins, but it probably is easier to say those re-scored PCs don’t count and let teams deal with either re-running the challenge or modifying the robot to prevent errant bounce ins.


We’re doing something similar. Luckily, you don’t need anything more than an intake to put up points for 3 challenges (galactic search, autonav, hyperdrive) and you only have to intake 3 PCs.

Looks like you could go smaller if you removed those front 2 wheels. Or remove the center wheel and set the outside wheels closer together.

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Amazing videos!

Can you give me some more information about how your driving controls are set up? Looks like a normal gamepad, is it split sticks (one for forward & one for turn)? I assume you are squaring inputs, is a deadband applied to the DifferentialDrive? Is is just standard arcade drive or do you use curvature or anything fancy? Ramping of inputs? Anything else interesting?

Do you normally do the same type of setup for your competition bot, if not what are the differences and why?

Logitech gamepad, basic split arcade as you describe. We’ve been running this setup with nothing too fancy on our competition robots for many years now. It’s just what our drivers get used to.


On Tuesday, February 16th the Everybot crew will be guests on FIRST Canada Live! We will be discussing the Everybot design philosophy, the history of the Everybot and Everybot success stories. The show begins at 7pm EST and the Everybot segment begins at 8pm.


You can find the video of the segment here: