The 2022 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

Our mid hanger will not take 20 seconds


Two different things, but you missed the point: teams make irrational choices with pick lists. Like tanking the fourth-best shooter at the event to last pick of the draft because they let “oo we need a triple hang” cloud their judgment too hard when the overwhelming majority of alliances only put two on the bar.

If you’re going to pursue a low-hang-only robot, you’d better make sure you get some face time with the top teams at your event to make sure their worldview matches yours.


Ouch. I know…


I am talking about the total difference in time not just the actuation part. I think it is going to take quite a while especially if teams aren’t able to drive under the low rung. This is a similar hang to 2020 in many ways and it often took teams that long to hang.

My point here is really that cautioning teams they won’t be picked because of not having a middle climb is not solid advice from a strategy standpoint. The value is directly in question and the effort expended to do it could very likely be expended to gain two points in numerous other ways like driver practice, improving the shooter, improving the intake, or practicing defense.

I’m interested to see what Everybot comes up with. Maybe they’ve designed a passive mid bar hanger. Think for instance if you had lever arm that reacted off the low bar to raise a passive mid bar climber, possibly a spring assisted variety. Then you could drive into the hangar like a passive low bar but end up on the mid bar in short time.

But certainly any active climber life 2020 would take quite a bit longer because you wouldn’t deploy until inside the hangar and there is just more steps that can add to the time.


The Everybot team is excited to be releasing our 2022 Everybot live on FIRST Canada Live! on Tuesday, January 18th, at 7 PM EST on Twitch. Karthik will be hosting alongside Michelle from the FIRST in Canada Youth Council.

The archive of the show will be posted shortly afterwards on the FIRST Robotics Canada YouTube channel.

The Everybot reveal video, CAD, Bill of Materials and Cut List will be available on our website shortly after the show. The build documentation with a detailed guide on how we built Everybot will be posted later in the week. We are working hard to finish these resources and are excited to get them out to the community.


Absolutely cooking
10/10, wood steal passive climber geometry


I take back all of my comments about the timing of the climb when relating to this robot. Great design!

I was focused / assuming you were doing a COTS climber. And I think my advice still applies to teams thinking about using a COTS climber for hanging on the mid rung.


Two takeaways from the video:

  1. The passive climber mechanism is absolutely genius.
  2. More reveal videos need to use music from Sonic Mania.

At the level they’re discussing, that’s pretty sound advice. If you lack the driving skill to quickly line up and climb, you also lack the driving skill to chase around moving balls and get them scored. You’re also making the mistake of assuming the time to lineup to the middle climb is drastically different than the low climb. The “20s” example you provided is hyperbole, sure. But the implication there is teams will quickly reach the low rung while struggle to line up for the middle. The team can either drive or it can’t. We can’t compare one situation where they can and one where they can’t as the same scenario.


There are teams that are considering not being able to pass under the low bar which makes lining up MUCH more difficult.


Just WOW

This robot can easily be a first pick, they can even be alliance captain with enough drive practice.

The climber is genius. I don’t think there will be any faster mid-rung climb.

The only thing I’m worried about is the ability to intake 2 balls quickly without it becoming stuck, but it seems from the reveal video that is not an issue.


This is the most competitive everybot yet. By far. Amazing work!


Very cool intake lift, super simple climber. Might have to rethink a few things. We will see. Interesting to see what real 118 level teams are going to come up with.


Citrus’ auto may make me feel outclassed, but Everybot just makes me feel stupid. Y’all are too smart with some of this stuff. Too smart.


Not gonna lie, I was bummed when it sounded like it might be a rehash of 2021, but that is not the case. This design is awesome.

For a team like mine, where it’s just me and 2 alumni who work crazy hours, and a new group of kids who are mostly novices, this is an awesome resource. It’s not like it’s just good enough, this gets my vote for the best Everybot yet.

Plus, passive climber—who saw that one coming?


This is easily one of the most competitive Everybots ever. Well done 118! This will easily be an alliance captain robot with a good driver! In fact, I am a bit terrified of how competitive this robot is in our region.


Still came through for us in the end, mad props




FANTASTIC design! There is something special about how elegant this design is. I’m not well-versed with linkages, why couldn’t you just power the pivot for the arm directly? I’d imagine that’d be simpler.