The 2022 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

Unbelievably elegant. This is a superb example of form AND function.


I love this design! Very similar concept to what my team is thinking, so this will be invaluable for our team to get rolling quicker.


Or get them cut directly from Andymark. We’ve added 1/2" and 3/4" Baltic Birch to the available materials. Also, you won’t get burned edges.

SendCutSend is great, but Andymark is even greater!


I usually don’t look at other robot designs too early in the season…but I decided to look at the Everybot last night, just to see how it worked. We have most of our initial design concept figured out, and have a working prototype ball handler. So, imagine my surprise when the Everybot handles balls just like ours (well, almost…our mechanism is simpler, but also not nearly as refined). Looks to me like the Everybot does what it needs to do, without much “stuff”.

We will probably make a powered climb. We have the stuff to do it, and the passive climber has some limitations we’d like to not have. But for many teams, passive climb is a great way to go.

Well done!


After 20 months of malaise, This Robonauts EveryBot design has given me hope.

We have a bevy of students with no real experience of the build season and the eventual cherry on top of competitions. (We did Bash at the Beach, that helped a lot)

Going through the design process while they patiently sit with somewhat glazed eyes while we try to explain the design process and prototyping…not asking questions that they fear may expose their lack of knowledge and experience…

Now we have a design and strategy that we can emulate and modify with a clear path to completion.

Hoping that somewhere this year there will be a match where six EveryBots compete for a true Driver’s skills competition.


Lots of us can relate to this. Keep up the good work.


This robot rules. I think a well programmed and well driven Everybot could potentially even be a #1 seed at a few events this year.

One thing I really appreciate about Everybot is that the mechanisms are easy to borrow. You can try building something a bit more complicated and then “fall back” on an Everybot mechanism if you give yourself a couple days to follow the build instructions and refine it. I suspect many, many teams will be doing so for the hanging mechanism… Much like 2013 I think a passive hanger like this is going to be almost a competitive requirement, particularly with how easy it is to build.


I was a bit concerned about the ability of my students to retrieve their robot after a successful climb, but this looks pretty low impact compared to 2017. Not everyone is a powerlifter, so this is another nice touch.


Has anyone already built a portion of the everybot?


AndyMark is proud to announce our new Everybot resource page where you can pick up just about all the parts in the 2022 Everybot BOM, or a close equivalent as noted, all in one place.

But wait, there’s more!
In partnership with 118/NASA, and 221 Systems we will be offering a 2022 Everybot Hook Kit for sale on the AndyMark website by Monday. Details to follow, stay tuned!


VEXpro is proud to announce our 2022 Everybot kit. We believe Everybot is a great resource for FRC teams, and wanted to make this more accessible, and cheaper for teams wanting to build one. This kit contains over $500 of VEXpro parts (or functional equivalents) used to make an Everybot, but costs $379.99.

In addition, VEXpro Rewards members can use their $50 coupon, and take advantage of free shipping on Mondays for even more savings.


Maybe I missed it - but how does the first CARGO you intake go to one side or the other, rather than sitting somewhere in the middle?

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By being shoved that way by the second CARGO. They leave room for it to popcorn around, and the game pieces slide against each other pretty easily.


@Ethan_Reed did a great job of explaining this on the show the other night. (1:22:15 mark in case the timestamp link doesn’t work)


And here are some of the files we used to make the Everybot “hooks”. They are obviously taken from the files provided, but there are Solidworks files, .dwg, .dxf. .pdf, and a .crv file in case you happen to use Vcarve to cut materials out. Hopefully they will be helpful!


If anyone is in the East LA area and would like support, we can cut out some CNC wooden parts for your Everybot. All we would ask is if you can please bring your plywood.
Please reach out to me if you are interested. We would love to help.


If I recall correctly, the Everybot team interviewed on the FIRST Robotics Canada video said that the climber pieces should be made from high quality 3/4" plywood and that normal plywood would likely not stand up to the abuse. Depending on one’s location, it may be difficult to purchase the high strength Baltic Birch plywood and/or they might not want to purchase a whole sheet. Perhaps some of the following online sources may be helpful. Both also have stores in many larger cities.


It’s the same Baltic Birch teams should be trying to source and use for their bumpers…

Also, same offer as Stemateros but in the Richmond CA area :slight_smile:


I am guessing you are referring to a local specialty wood supplier. I usually purchase my Baltic Birch from one of a couple of specialty wood suppliers near me but they really only sell in the local area. The places I linked are both national chains in the U.S. and are set up to ship all over the place.


It’s still Monday, right?

We are proud to open up Low and Mid hangs to the masses with the
Everybot 2022 Passive Hanger Hook Kit

and the
Everybot 2022 Passive Hanger Structure Kit

These products have been tested and optimized to give teams what they need to hang, while still being able to ship quickly and allow teams with plenty of structure in their shops to only buy what they need. The structure kit is comprised 100% of in-stock parts, and the the hooks are being cut from 1/4" polycarbonate right now by 221 Systems and should begin shipping early next week.

With these two products and some basic hand tools you should be able to construct an Everybot 2022 style climber for yourself. Assembly instructions coming soon.