The 2023 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

The Robonauts Everybot is an affordable, competitive, and elegant robot that can be built with only basic tools and items found in either the kit of parts, purchased from your local hardware store, or online from various FRC retailers. The goal of the initiative is to provide a more accessible avenue for students to have a positive FRC experience regardless of their unique circumstances or practical limitations. We continue to make iterations to our program to maximize positive impact and achieve our mission statement: “…to improve FRC students’ experience by enabling any team to field an inexpensive robot capable of contributing to any alliance and qualifying for the FIRST Championship."

In the 2022 season, over 200 teams built off of the Robonauts Everybot concept. We are hard at work developing the 2023 Everybot and look forward to sharing it with the community.

Based on our analysis of CHARGED UP, we have created a short list of robot capabilities that accomplish the goals of our mission statement.

The 2023 Robonauts Everybot Will:

In the Autonomous Period:

  • Score a pre-loaded game piece
  • Score Mobility points
  • Dock on and Engage the Charge Station

In the Teleoperated Period:

  • Score Cubes in the Bottom and Middle Rows
  • Score Cones in the Bottom and Middle Rows
  • Acquire Cubes and Cones from the Substations
  • Play line-style defense in front of the opponents’ loading zone while fully within its frame perimeter

In the Endgame:

  • Dock on and Engage the Charge Station
  • Be narrow enough to allow room for two other robots on the Charge Station

We will post the frame size and base assembly instructions as soon as possible, followed by a short video, CAD, bill of materials, software, and comprehensive documentation of how we built Everybot as they are completed. It will be posted here and on our website.

For an additional resource you can join the Everybot Community Discord where you can make friends with other teams building Everybots, ask for help, and share your progress.


Really excited for this one! The Everybot priority list covers everything my team is trying to do, and for a fraction of our budget.


This is an excellent priority list. With a complex game, I think many people will get hung up attempting to do too much. With Everybot setting the standard, I hope it shows people that you can be very successful by focusing on a few things and practicing.

Thanks again for the work the everybot team does, it’s a great project with some incredible benefits for the community!



The Everybot is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in FIRST. You and your team absolutely rock. I’m looking forward to seeing this!


Am I crazy thinking that a robot that does all this is potentially a viable regional/district event winning alliance captain? That would be amazing


In the first half of the season (depending on area) with a couple weeks of drive practice, I would agree.


NEVER underestimate driver practice, especially for the first half of the season. This is the single biggest thing a team can do to improve their performance.


It’s really almost impossible to describe how much of a difference it makes until you have a season with weeks of good practice before setting wheel on a competition field.

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…and honestly once there is a functioning drivebase. Just get the center of gravity in about the right pace and go for it. So much of any game is just efficient driving.

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Would you know the frame dimensions yet? If we are going to do the Everybot I’d like to go ahead and have that part done to let drivers get practice.


It’s definitely happened before!


We’ve built Everybots in 2019, 2021, and 2022 and I don’t think we’ve ever followed the chassis dimensions to a T. We basically look at the concept and then build something like it.

In 2019 we built a west coast drive with 8in pneumatic wheels, and in 2022 we used the KOP chassis with (8) performance wheels with replaceable tread.


We are planning to run swerve, and have a limited amount of frame material so I’m just trying to avoid waste if possible, but I expect that we will have to modify the design a bit anyway.

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We’re doing swerve as well, and while I’m not currently anticipating doing an Everybot this year, I think we still could if we had to because a swerve chassis seems easier to modify the perimeter size versus a west coast drive, where you’ve got wheels and chains to deal with.

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Yeah I agree with that. It seems this years game favors a smaller bot, but not sure how others feel.


One of my teams built a swerve chassis this weekend that’s about full size. I’m thinking that’s likely going to have to change.


It’s not just learning to make the robot go where you want it to go. The more important thing is the driver learning well enough where the robot should go AND where it should not go that it becomes instinctive.


Yeah, we have cadded the swerve at full size, but I believe it will need to be narrowed down quite a bit.


Expect the frame size no earlier than Wednesday. We will be cutting the frame down relatively small and we absolutely do not want teams to be stuck with a frame that is too small if we decide to change it in order to solve an unforseen problem. We have no hardware built yet besides standalone prototypes and want to have a reasonably-vetted design before release of this detail. Thank you for your patience.


Hey Everybot teams - looking to get a head start? This year’s Everybot chassis dimensions are 22x28.3. Check out our chassis build guide for step-by-step instructions on how to build it - a handful of things are non-standard. We are excited to show you the rest of the Everybot this Tuesday on FIRST Canada LIVE! at 7pm ET. Happy building!