The 2023 Robonauts Everybot Low Resource Build

That is really impressive. I could see a lot of teams doing really well with this design and some drive practice.




This didn’t age well; everybot ended up doing MORE than we’re planning.


Amazing job!

That’s a good robot.


Are parts lists out yet?

EDIT: See below

The Everybot crew had a great time unveiling Everybot on FIRST Canada Live. Below is the Everybot Reveal Video and the currently available resources. More will follow throughout the week.

Everybot Reveal Video
Everybot Chassis Build Instructions
FiM Chassis Build Video
FiM Virtual Robotics Studio
Everybot Bill of Materials
Everybot Cut List
Everybot Discord
Everybot Website
Robonauts Website
NASA Robotics Alliance Project Design Guide


Are there plans to have a video if it doing a mock match? I’d be cool to see a bit more on how it looks and drives in long form.


This robot is insane! It can win many events.


This Everybot can do Every-thing. All jokes aside, an incredible bot this year. This elevates the playing field quite a bit!


FIRST In Michigan talked about doing something similar after they finish their build instruction videos, mock game with a few Ri3d robots.

Just to link in some history

In 2020 Ferris state had a mockup comp for a few matches with the ri3d folks. I don’t think FiM was involved. It was on FUN.


I think >50% of FRC teams would be dumb not to just build this robot. It’s unreal…

I do think it warrants a discussion about whether it’s too good, and what that means for the sport. I don’t want that conversation to take away from the amazing work by the Everybot team. This is truly amazing and game-changing work.


It’s a low cost competitive concept. I will raise h*ll if people think:

“it’s too good”

We have been over this a million times on this forum: “…but those kids aren’t learning engineering”

This just shifts where teams can spend there time and opens more doors. If it is too good then the rest of us need to git gud and raise the ceiling even more.

Well done everybot team.

(Edit, adjusted quote as it seemed combative)


this is the most nuts everybot in terms of it’s competitive ceiling I think we’ve ever seen…


I am so excited to share this with my team, y’all knocked it out of the park


I’m very excited to look at the CAD for the intake in particular. I think that might be one of the most influential early build season resources FRC has ever seen. We certainly plan to take inspiration from the concept and incorporate it into our design.


Awesome job Everybot team, the majority of teams should copy most of this robot and iterate / practice from there.

I’ll be that person…

I’ve had the feeling since kickoff that I think this is a pretty easy game, not really that interesting technically or strategically.

The game pieces are really easy to figure out (most teams should just use this roller claw), they would have been much more interesting if they were much larger, or if the cone was hard plastic. The scale of the game pieces made me feel like these were FTC / Vex game pieces at launch.

And the endgame seems just way too easy if you don’t build a massive robot.

I get what FIRST was going for, make a more approachable game coming out of the pandemic that should make for a more balanced competitions where the top teams will have a hard time separating themselves from the midfield. Most teams should build a simple robot like this and spend a month working on autonomous and driver practice. It’s not very often that you can say simple robots should be able to do everything in a FRC game, but I think that’s the case this year.


I absolutely love this Everybot. There’s usually 1 or 2 concepts on an Everybot that I’m really excited by, this one has me hyped all over. The passive actuation of the arm’s “elbow” joint massively simplifies controls without sacrificing functionality. The intake does so many little things well that some other intake concepts don’t. The problem scope was so perfectly defined, as well.

A+ job.


Is this just 118’s robot this year?


Original scope said score low and mid, but Everybot’s scoring high as well. Underpromise (well, appropriately promise) and overdeliver… As others have said, the intake is just clever and effective. Amazing openly shared design!

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