The 2056 Streak has ended!

Wow, after all of these years FRC Team 2056 OP Robotics have lost a regional.

I feel terrible for all of the teams involved but this is history right here.

I never thought it was going to end but it has happened.

Congratulations to team 610, 1241, and 3560.

It is also worth mentioning that this is the first year since 2003 Simbotics has not won a regional.

The scale would have tied the match. Wow.

I really hope everyone understands the magnitude of 2056’s streak. It isn’t normal. It will never happen again. Hats off to 2056 for consistently striving for excellence.

Maybe the end of the streak will lead to a world championship!

Missed a great opportunity for cause some outrage over the silly tie breaker rule.

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And then they would have won it due to having more foul points

Looks like that prediction of 2056 losing a regional then winning worlds is holding up so far.

It just shows you how amazing a streak it was that a thread was instantly created to mention it.

Time for OP to start a new one.

when was that predicted? They could go to 3 regionals for the next 8 years and win them all to get it back…or 4 every year for 6 years. What an amazing team!

Sure were some great finals matches at the Waterloo Regional!

Congratulations to teams 1241, 610, and 3560 for the regional win!

Huge congratulations to OP Robotics Team 2056 on the greatest streak in FIRST history! I am sure that 2056 will continue to be one of the most inspirational teams in FRC both on and off the playing carpet!

Because of the new rule, I think that the blue alliance had to be the winner… They had higher boulder score, the next factor after the AP, I think…

Congrats to 2056 for keeping the streak up, starting it off in 2007 against 854 in Waterloo and GTRC! Wow that’s been a while!
An absolutely incredible robot, really hope you get redemption at champs!

Not sure what you mean, no need to feel terrible. Looked to me like a lot of amazing, world-class teams played against each other and set a standard of gameplay for Stronghold that hasn’t been seen yet this season. That was an incredible end to the regional and clearly everyone left it all out on the field.

Congrats to the winning alliance who looked absolutely formidable and just put some real terror into the hearts of everyone else traveling to St. Louis. Congrats 2056 for setting the bar so high for everyone else in FRC for, well, forever. I, personally, love a good dynasty. :slight_smile: Truly an incredible feat.

Canada, man. I don’t know what they put in the water, but it must be good stuff.

Relevant tie break rules

Contrairy to popular belief, 2056 did not lose the regional (:yikes:), teams 1241, 610 and 3560 won the 2016 Waterloo Regional!

I don’t feel terrible for 2056. And I sure hope their members don’t feel terrible about today either.
They’ve created what is arguably the best robot in the world this year. They’ve participated in some of the most intense matches of FIRST history this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win CMP this year. If we think this is all over because of a lost tiebreaker match at the most competitive regional in the world, we need to go back and rethink what FRC is actually about – To quote one of those cheesy catchphrases that rings with an exceptional amount of truth, this is about “More than just Robots.” And it’s about more than just winning. It’s about Inspiration.
Yes, their regional win streak is over, capped off at 23. But they still hold another streak, even more impressive than their regional victories, that I don’t think this determined Canadian team will ever lose. They’ve managed to inspire us, all of us, every single year since their inception. And for that, hats off to OP robotics, perhaps the most inspirational team in* FIRST*.

So first Golden States and FC Barcelona streak ends now OPs streak is over. This is just a bad week for streaks.

Warriors lose.
2056 loses.
Maybe this means Syracuse can beat North Carolina? :yikes:

What was the final score? Blue alliance hasn’t been showing anything for a bit and I just saw this