The 2nd and 3rd Clue????

Did anybody ever find the 3rd clue? Is so what was it? Also, did anyone get the 2nd or 3rd fact emailed to them?

There wasn’t a third clue. I don’t think anyone got the second one emailed.

The second one was only posted on Bill’s Blog. (You can check the e-mail blast archives, but you won’t find anything.) There were only two game hints.


Because they never do the exact same thing twice in a row.

Here’s what I remember the hints pointing to:

2003: math formula, used for scoring
2004: some lines from “Stairway to Heaven”, describing the stairs in the middle of the field
2005: riddle involving lots and lots of references to “three”. Number of points per tetra and number of robots on an alliance.
2006: riddle shaped like the game piece. several elements of the game
2007: still from the game animation, showing the game object and some of the scoring structure.
2008: IR board (intended for use during hybrid); GPS coordinates (pointing to a spot indicating a race); one-line “riddle” that turned out to be the decryption password
2009: Picture of a moonfish (game theme); 4-line riddle (describing field and game pieces)