the 4400

well, i just finished watching my cousin’s new show, the 4400, and i liked what i saw so far. what do ya’ll think?

I really like this show. It’s a creative Sci-Fi series that really gets you interested in these people’s lives after they’re returned to Earth. I can’t wait to see the next episode! I missed it today, but I’ll catch it tomorrow.

I have watched the first two episodes and am about to watch the 3rd in about 45 mins. I absolutely love it so far. The only thing wrong is thjat is isn’t long enough and doesn’t have new episodes often enough. Other than that, OUTSTANDING!

I think they love to keep us in suspense…
Not long enough?! It’s an hour and a half long! Lol!

Umm, the first episode was 2 hrs and the second was 1 hr as I recall. But, prehaps I am wrong… Anyhow, absolutely fantastic show, I recommend it to everyone I see.

i agree with that; when i get the chance, i’m gonna give my cousin a peice of my mnid…

I love this show!!! I haven’t missed an episode … :smiley: !! I hate that they always end right when its getting good!! The past two times they have ended it at the hospital with Kyle … not fair at all!!! But besides that it is completely incredible … I am ABSOLUTELY hooked!! :slight_smile:

P.S. what about your cousin roger? :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that is beginning to get to me with this show is that every time it leaves you with more questions but NOT ONE SINGLE ANSWER!!! Who knows, maybe that’s why we all think it is so good. :smiley: I just can’t wait until some answers start coming. :slight_smile:

Did anyone watch the two hour season two premier tonight? It was pretty good in my opinion, but still no answers, but no lack of questions; kind of frustrating. Anyway though, it is good to have this show just starting now that all the other normal ones have ended. It’ll be fun for the summer.

SO, everybody should watch Sunday nights on USA. :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching it for the past few weeks since the new season started and it seems like it lacks the pizazz of the 1st season. Tonight there was an edge-of-your-seat scene at the end (the kid with the gun on the teacher) but we had to sit through 45 minutes of lackluster show before it got to that.

I’m not too excited about this second season. More and more questions and still no answers.

I compliment USA on their pretty good job of coming up with their own interesting unique original show, but it doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere.

If you watch shows like Without a Trace, or CSI, or The Practice or whatever, there is always an ending to the story, or at least progress toward one.

I know the 4400 is a longer story than a missing person or a murder or a criminal trial but I don’t see any progress being made in the show toward the answers to all these questions (where were they for all those years? Why do they have special powers? etc.)

What do you think?

dang it i missed it last night…what happened?