The 469 auto

So it looks like team 33 is going to be at the next two compitions with 469 :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just wondering if something like this was aloud for the starting position.

                [R                 B                      B                   ]
                |                  B                      B                   | 
                |                  BR                    B                   |
                |                  B                      B                   |
                |                 TT                   RTT                  |
                |                  B                      B                   |
                |               R B                      B                   |
                |                  B                      B                 R|
                                  B                      B                   ]  

TT = tower/tunnel
B = Bump
= goal
R = robot

The robot in question would have their right front wheel touching the bump and they would not not start across the line. Then when auto starts they would drive straight into the tunnel at an angle wedgeing their front right side under so they could not be pushed out.

                   Close up of robot position after auto (top view)


                           R   R
                         R        RTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
                       R           TR                                    T
                     R             T  R                                  T 
                  R                T    R                                T
                R                  T      R                              T                 
       -------------------- T----- R--------------------T------
          S                        T      R                              T 
       S    S                      T   R                                 T 
    S          S                   T R                                   T 
                  S                T                                      T 
                     S           RTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
                        S      R
  • = middle line
    R = robot’s position after auto
    T = tower/tunnel
    S = robot’s starting position before auto

Would this be a solution to 469?
Your thoughts?

I’d like to understand your auton strategy, but it looks like your post got all messed up. Perhaps CD does not like too many spaces in a row. Try using the code tags, like this:

Insert         Field          Here

Aaaaaaaw it did…

that stinks ill redraw it in paint…

Ok I fixed ithttp://question

I hope this works

The link doesn’t work.

link still doesn’t work…

469’s strategy is brilliant, because in order to stop them you have to not only prevent them from getting to the tower first, but you also have to camp there the whole match so they never can get there, since once they’re in position you really can’t get them out. So while you’re keeping them from getting to the tower they’re free to do whatever they want. And you have to move out of the way in the last 20 second, or you’ll get a penalty for contacting the opponent’s tower…pretty beastly strategy, I can’t wait to see video of them.


Ok, basicly, line up on a 45 degree angle to the opponents tower with your front right wheel / side of your robot touching the bump right next to the tower. Then when auto starts your robot would drive straight into the tunnel on a 45 degree angle effectivly wedgeing the front right side of your robot under the tunnel so 469 can’t be there. Because you are so close to the tunnel 469 couldn’t beat you there even if they charged there without shooting their balls first.

Sorry about the not working picture / link:confused:

I don’t think you would even have to move. Can’t you pretty much block tunnel edge just by the placement of bot? This was tried but the bot doing the blocking didn’t have traction and was pushed out of way. I think the idea of blocking is good but not the whole package. It will only throw their game off alittle. You will need good team mates, playing in the right positions. Man, Troy is going to be fun.

ya I realize that but lets say for instance 33, 910 and some other team was on an alliance against 469, 217 and some other team.

Senerio one: A effectivly a 3 on 1 with the third team to block/pin well 469 recycles balls and 217 puts in the misses. The other two teams try to keep up with them on the other side of the field but undoubtly fail, they can’t keep up with a ball every 4 to 5 seconds.

Senerio two: In the beggining of the match our third team wedges themselves under the tower. Then team 33 now has a fighting chance for the balls in the middle. 469 has dificulty turning. However 217 is still a huge threat. 33 is now playing a 1 on 2 tring to shoot balls down to 910 to to score. We have to count on 910 ten being able to beat the defense and 33 quickly passing balls down. Overall, its not looking good.

ps. The reason I use these teams is because this is a realistic possibility at Troy in week 4.


Did anyone have a bot at Cass that could redirect the balls back into middle after the balls rolled off 469? Was this even tried or is the ball to low coming off 469 to send it back over bump?

The balls are below the bump when the balls leave contact with their robot. You need to intercept the ball and kick it away to stop the strategy. Another team tried hitting the tower as the balls were coming down and that doesn’t stop balls from being scoring.

Its a very good strategy, stop 469 and the match is 3v2, don’t stop them and you can’t outscore them.

469 has no problems pushing robots out of the way. It has obscene grip and is geared low to push anything out of the way. They can push and turn opposing robots with the bests of them.

Notes on 469’s drivetrain:
8wd with pneumatic tires, 4 CIM through DW trans, I don’t know the exact gearing.
Pneumatic articulated Front and Rear wheels (I don’t think separately)
Pneumatic articulated ball casters in rear.
No ability to change zones (I guess they could go over the bump, but that probably wouldn’t end well with that tower on top)
Pneumatic lock to tower - It locks to the bottom of the tower. They aren’t just shoved in the tunnel, they are locked there. They aren’t coming out once they get in, at all.
should turn well with outer wheels up

Autonomous start positions:

---------------------[OUR TOWER]----------------------
                                   [their robot]   

                [Our robot]
--------------------[THEIR TOWER]----------------------

We can get to their tower before they can, if we can do it in Autonomous. Then they would be stuck playing a regular game, without recycling balls. I didn’t get a good look at their ball-o-fier or kicker, but both exist and are capable of acquiring and kicking a ball.

If the balls are below the bump, then they’re coming out under the Bumper Perimeter…

I think he meant to say that the balls are below the bump when they leave the tower/bump area. Looks like they guide them down onto the back side of the bump to deflect them horizontally and eliminate bouncing.

In which case, you could have one defender in the zone and a second resting on the bump to stop transfers on one side.

So just to undermine this for a quick second, but what would it take to just play defense on the other 2 robots? if they dont score at all? and you stop the few couple balls 469 shot in during autonomous when they slide down the bump, would that not keep everything in contact to win a match?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. If it’s what I think you’re saying, you can’t defend both of the other robots since you’re only allowed one defender in the opponent’s offensive zone.

Can someone clarify 469’s strategy for those of us unfamiliar with their robot this year?

I think what he means is to block one goal with your defensive robot and situate your midfield bot on top of the bump in such a way that they block the balls that roll off of 469’s ramp.

While this strategy would be effective in shutting down the scoring loop, you would be playing 1v2 elsewhere on the field and 469 could decide to start moving around, which could result in 4-6 points from them and/or draw your defense away from the tower long enough to allow them to restart the scoring loop.

For those who don’t know 469 is this years game breaking robot.

Their stratagy is to sit under the bump and deflect balls directly from the ball return back into one of the goals. Theu can deflect into either and at Cass tech over the weekend they won a match 26-1.

We are currently figuring out how to beat them

Any ideas?:confused: