The 5th NYC FIRST! Regional in 2005

An Official Thread for the NYC Regionals 5th. Year of existence.

Hopefully I will see all the NY / NJ Teams in attendance including the local teams from Staten Island NY.

As kickoff rapidly approaches I wish all the teams much luck in their build season and hope to see all of you competitive as you were last year.

Happy New Years and Happy Holidays

                              Official NYC FIRST! Aholic. hi anyway :slight_smile:
good luck to all nyc people!

I agree with denman on that (for once)

I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh. Even if our bot catches fire…

Can’t wait to see you all there. Should be an awesome regional this year. Every season it the bots get better and better. I know ours has :wink:

The information the website is providing for NYC agenda at does not coincide with the latest changes to the NYC Regional agenda.

It is our understanding that the pits will open earlier in NYC on Thu and that pits will open at 8 am on Friday morning.

Please check for updates.

no team social?
Maybe we should organise one :smiley:

With only less then 3 weeks till the NYC Regionals, Out of the teams competing here which would you say are the ones to watch out for.

well, i can’t say i’ve seen many of the bots at nyc…

759 are currently in a bit of a panic. The robot is stuck in customs, we are desperately trying to get it sorted… I think even if our robot isn’t arrived, we will still be there. Its been stuck since march 1st … we dont exactly know why. I’ll keep you all updated…

OUCH! :ahh:

If your BOT doesn’t get thru customs or ends up in the Caribbean islands; contact me ASAP (IM or email) and I’ll try to arrange for a KOP-BOT base (assembled) for you to work with on Thursday.

i believe we have contacted first a lot and it should be sorted. I will as i said post updates. I’m hoping its just a scare and it will be fine…

what is there for customs to be so concerned about though? i mean unless you packed the hollow aluminum with cocaine or something which i doubt you did. there aren’t any any agricultural things for them to worry about and its not a killing machine so why would they keep it. its probably that $@#$@#$@#$@# American state department. w/e hope it gets here in time if it doesn’t I’m sure we’ll all figure out a GP solution. i agree with what people were all saying before that we should make our own team social. if any of the teams want to get together and give the out-of-towner’s a tour of our great city the night before competition email me and ill try to organize something. the email is

misread - so you mean wednesday? We are meeting up with 694 in the afternoon. Maybe you could give a tour on the morning?
odd :
has a bit for team social
yet says there isn’t one…

New York City Regional Public Agenda Updated

Thursday, March 24, 2005

8:30AM … 3 Team Reps to uncrate
9:30AM …Pits and Machine Shop open
9:30AM-1:00PM…Registration and inspection
12:00AM-5:00PM…Practice rounds
1:00PM–2:00PM… Lunch
8:00PM…Pits and Machine Shop close

Friday, March 25, 2005

8:00AM…Pits and Machine Shop open
10:00AM …Opening ceremonies
10:20AM-5:00PM…Seeding matches
12:00PM-1:00PM …Lunch
5:00PM…Awards ceremony
6:00PM-7:00PM …Team Social
7:00PM …Pits and Machine Shop close

Saturday, March 26, 2005

8:00AM …Pits and machine shop open
9:00AM …Opening ceremonies
9:20AM-11:15PM…Seeding matches
11:15PM …Alliance Selections
1:00PM-3:00PM…Final rounds
3:00PM…Awards ceremony
6:00PM…Pits and Machine Shop close, crates packed for shipping

**Schedule subject to change. All times are estimated based on flow of rounds.
See Pit Administration table for updated times.

is there yet another “one day robot”?

So, Rich… there is a team social? Is is that dance/or performing troupe I heard about last year again?

Nice… I heard they did a great job. (I think… wow I’m getting old and losing my memory :ahh: )

A bunch of 237ers shoud be coming in on Friday morning since it is a holiday and seeing what we can do to help this event run very smoothly.
(Btw, any idea if holiday rates on Metro-North are different from regular peak or off peak rates?)

Should be fun.

To be respectful of Good Friday, the social will be 45-minutes only. There are STEP teams throughout the day and in the evening. There will probably a Gospel singing group from Harlem too.
Elgin, hope you can visit! :slight_smile:

Pit Bull 1126 is there yet another “one day robot”?
I’m still waiting for the UK team to called with a 911 or a 411 after they land in NYC to find out where or if there rate arrived.



We are happy to announce an Evening of Musical Celebration of Harlem featuring a Jazz performance by the Harlem School of the Arts Jazz-Latin Ensemble. Many thanks to Harlem Y team #1660 for making this possible -

Social Activity - Friday - 5:45 to 7 pm at the playing field.

Here are last minute reminders - please share with your team members:

  1. Be sure to bring and wear your safety goggles.

  2. Keep your Fedex bills handy. Fedex will not ship your crate without proper documentation.

  3. Food vendors are limited at the Riverbank State Park venue. If you wish to order sandwiches for your team, team #1660 Harlem recommend their caterer, SSHJ Gourmet for delivery if you order by Thursday. Orders at: 212-662-1300 or cell 410-963-7117 - There is a McDonald’s aproximately three blocks away.

  4. Noise makers are OK, but no banging on the seating. Avoid horns or very loud noise makers

  5. Bringing power strips and extra batteries is recommended

  6. Bring tools with which to open your shipping crates

  7. The three team members to be permitted in early to open shipping crates should all be ready to enter the pits at the same time as a group

  8. Parking - Remember that parking is located at an underneath level and entrance to parking lot requires exiting the park and re-entrying through 137th Street. Buses may drop students at the venue door and proceed to the underneath parking lot. Park Rengers will provide a map and further directions. Once in the parking lot, you can walk upstairs or take a shuttle van back to the venue.

Randy Schaeffer, Ana Martinez
Regional Directors
New York City / New Jersey FIRST!
New Jersey Institute of Technology
East Building, Room 361
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102-1982

New Jersey Office: 973-596-3234/3572" eom

Rich what time will you guys be beginning field assembly if it has not yet been completed.

With as a little as 36 - 48 hrs left until practice day I am hoping everyone is getting all hyped up.

Team 759 I hope things get worked out otherwise I and many others will help put together a temporary robot so that you guys can play.

its going good :slight_smile:

We are somewhere around 13th i think, and we won the imaging award. I was at the machine shop when the other awards were announced, as someone managedt o break the steel on steel welds… :o… We got inspected by john neun, but i’m not sure if it is the one JvN… i havn’t seen any pics etc, and i found 2 john neuns on here lol…

Anyway, see you all tomorrow!