The 8th Annual Dow Red Stick Rumble - Registration Open

Good Morning Chief Delphi!

We are excited to be able to bring you back to in-person competitions in Louisiana this fall.

The Dow Red Stick Rumble is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th at Denham Springs High School in Denham Springs, Louisiana. We will be following any and all safety protocols established by the state at that time and will be ready to see your robots compete in Infinite Recharge. We will be opening by 3PM on Friday, August 27th so you can have enough practice time to get your robot ready for competition.

The cost of the event is $275.00 if paid by July 1st and $300.00 after that time. Teams who wish to bring two robots can add a second robot for only $100.00 though the robot will only be allowed to be selected in the second round of the Playoff Selection.

If your team is interested in attending, please fill out the following form and we will contact you with payment details.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing y’all there.


Given this just recently happened despite the majority of the population not being vaccinated, I’m not sure as to whether just following the bare minimum safety protocols required by the state would be safe or responsible to do. Aside from that, I’m excited to see a return to in-person robots :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it! Pencil me in as a volunteer.

Added: And I’ll finally get to wear that Han Solo costume I bought for Infinite Recharge again! I wonder what color mask Han would wear?

Will there be a mask mandate even if the state doesn’t require it?

WIll there be a vaccination or a negative test requirement for participants?

Will there be a size limit for teams?


Are you thinking of attending?

Is that relevant? As members of the FIRST community, are we not allowed to be concerned about events that could potentially worsen a pandemic that’s already taken so many of our loved ones? Especially with the state of the virus worldwide at the moment (I personally have lost 3 extended family members in the last 7 days, and I’m far from alone in that), I think concern about a large event that’s being run by a team that’s already shown that they don’t follow social distancing/masking practices is perfectly valid.



I was wondering if they were actually considering attending. If would be cool to get teams from other geographical areas.

Those questions are about an event that is four months from now. It is in the preplanning stages and it is unknowable right now what precautions will be needed at the time the event will take place. Give us event planners a little bit of time to figure these things out. FIRST just announced that Off-Seasons are a thing yesterday.


Ah alright, I mistook this for a sort of “gotcha” question directed at mdurrani834, my bad.

I think a simple “We’ll be following CDC guidelines” would be enough to assuage most of the doubt around this – the reason the questions were asked was because of many people’s (understandable) lack of faith in states to set safe guidelines, given that several states are holding crowded events without masks already which definitely is not safe.

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I’ve always wanted to do an out of state offseason but COVID makes this near impossible. Most offseasons don’t allow out of state attendance right now. Maybe in the next few years once I go to college I’ll see if I can make my way down to the Dow Red Stick Rumble.

All of these are fair concerns. I was just wondering if there were any plans to do it as most of the respected offseasons (see: texas cup) are doing stuff similar to this. I’ll ask again closer to the event date so you have time to figure all this stuff out. Generally, I would think it is better to be overly cautious in preplanning for safety rather than to rely on the state but I am not an organizer for any event so I don’t know. I agree with heartblast016, go by something like the CDC.

Best of luck with the planning! Didn’t mean to instigate with the questions, just curiosity in good faith.

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Just FYI for everyone following this, I am not associated with this event at all. My team will most likely be attending.

We are planning to hold our offseason the Beach Bot Battle in October.


Oh, my bad, didn’t know you were talking about a separate event when you said us event planners. Best of luck anyways.

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Hi all,

There are a few things that I’d like to touch on without stirring the pot any more than it already is.

First, our event is at the end of August. Neither you, nor I, nor the CDC knows exactly what guidelines will be in place for that time. The variables that apply to a date that far out is just too large to quantify. With that in mind, what I’d like to ask is that you hold judgement on what policies will or will not be in place until we at least get to a month out from the event.

Secondly, as I said in the OP, we will follow any and all guidelines recommended as necessary to keeping people safe.

If these assurances are not enough to assuage any fears that someone has in attending the Red Stick Rumble, I understand and while we will miss your attendance will hope to see you at our 9th Rumble in 2022.


We are planning on attending, and looking at autonomous. It appears that the initial field layout is different in the March 2021 Infinite Recharge manual than it was in the original layout in 2020. In 2020 there were 5 balls on the alliance boundary 1X2s. In the March 2021 Infinite Recharge Manual the balls are now inside the alliance boundary and there are no longer 1x2s on the sides of the alliance boundaries, just colored tape.

Do you know which layout you will be implementing?

Hmm - good question. Let me look through the manuals and figure the reason for the difference and I’ll post an update here.

I highly suggest that you use the 2021 layout.

I’m curious - why the layout change? Any clue?

The outer steel bars facing their respective trenches were removed. I don’t think FIRST ever announced a official reason, but it makes lining up for climbing and traveling through the shield generator significantly easier, because the steel bars are absolutely brutal to ram at full speed.

Because of the change, the starting ball locations also had to be changed, so anyone working on robots this year will be working on autos using the new ball locations, not the old ball locations, so it doesn’t make much sense to use the 2020 field layout.

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I believe Rohit is exactly right, the outer steel bars were removed due to issues some teams had lining up for climbs.

I have not looked closely at the field drawings, but I would assume it’s as simple as not putting that bar in place, so no physical changes required on game specific field elements. If there is game specific changes to the field kit, you would need to validate with your field source (e.g. AndyMark) which version you will be using.

I know for us as a team, our code team is assuming all off season events for this year would be the 2021 layout and is proceeding on plans to have appropriate 2021 layout based Autos.

2021 it is then. Thank y’all for the answers. Oh and we currently have 14 teams registered.


Hi all -

Here is an update for the Dow Red Stick Rumble.

We’ve confirmed that Dow will continue to be our Title Sponsor this year. They have been part of the Rumble since its inception and we cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for us and for the whole FIRST Robotics Community.

Next, we are up to 20 registered teams - not including secondary robots. Here is a list:

|364|Team Fusion|
|456|Siege Robotics|
|1912|Team Combustion|
|2992|S S Prometheus|
|3039|Wildcat Robotics|
|4087|Voodoo Voltage|
|4336|Ramageddon Robotics|
|5965|Power Struck Girls|
|5997|Knightlinbolts Robotics|
|6424|Stealth Panther Robotics|
|7094|Alpha omega|
|8044|Denham Venom|

There is still time to register at

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Rumble!