The ADXRS450 Gyroscope Implementation


I have the The ADXRS450 Gyroscope made by Analog Devices, and I tried to implement it into my robot code. However, when I tried it not only did not work, it actually made the robot not able to move at all. Does anyone have an example of how to implement this Gyroscope in Java, or can someone walk me through implementing it?

Also, I was wondering are any wires/cords needed for it to work? or just it just plug straight into the roborio.

Finally, I was wondering once I got it working in java, how do I let calibrate it at the beginning of a match and how do I have it display this data to me for the rest of the match in the Default Dashboard in the drivers station?

Thanks for your help!

There is a known issue with the SPI port and the Analog Devices Gyro.

hopefully they’ll release an update to fix it soon

Auto SPI Does not work in v12 image (affects Analog Devices IMUs and Gyro))

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Thanks for the response and hopefully! :slight_smile:

Note there’s a workaround posted to that page, which you can do in the meantime before an update is released.

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Thanks! somehow I missed this when reading it the first time haha

Hi @TheFlash and @klhutchi, I believe you’re running into a bug introduced when the kickoff version of the RoboRIO image was compiled by NI. As @Peter_Johnson mentioned, you can implement the workaround linked here if you’re handy with SSH or you can download and run a special utility made to patch the fix automatically. The utility can be found at:

This workaround should only be necessary until NI releases a new update, so please be sure to watch the FRC team updates for more details. If you run into any issues with the utility or getting your sensor working, please reach out to me via this thread or PM.

Sorry for all the trouble!

The FRC 2019 Update Suite [FRCLabVIEWUpdate2019.1.0] has been posted and should fix this problem :smiley:

  1. Download and install from
  2. Reimage your roboRIO with the new FRC_roboRIO_2019_v13 image

Is there a changelog that goes along with this, I can’t seem to find it on the NI site or with the readme in the .zip

Thanks for letting me know!! :smiley: :slight_smile: