The airlock area

Does anyone know if there is a unique feature about it that could allow a bot to “target” it? (perhaps similar to the lights on the tops of the trailers)

The Arena rules say that the horizontal rails are 19" off the ground, and the figure in section 7.1 shows that they are colored red or blue, but there does not appear to be a vivid lime-green or hot-pink target like the targets of the game pieces.

It’s “detectable”, but it’ll be pretty hard, especially when the 'bot is viewing it from various distances and/or angles.

To be honest, I was thinking about the very same problem, but at the side stations, not the corners. I was considering how hard it’d be to detect and discriminate those red/blue borders on those plexiglass shields that the “Specialists” get to sit behind.

I haven’t played with the camera or software yet, so I’m not sure how simple or hard of a task that might be yet.

What I am wondering and couldn’t find in the manual is can the HP use the claw to reach through the hole and get any game pieces that didn’t get all the way to them.

I believe that after the game pieces pass through the airlock, the payload specialist can pick them up with the tongs.

I believe that the tongs will be used to reach thru the diamond-plate opening. As long as their hands don’t break the plane of the diamond-plate opening, they can reach the tongs thru the opening to grab the balls within the triangle.

Question now is, how long are the tongs …

Heck, we have a camera, can’t the camera target the person standing behind the plexiglass? Where a shirt with a big red X then target the X.

I don’t remember seeing that excluded in the rules.

It will be difficult when you consider the partial reflection and partial transparency of the plexiglass. The border will essentially be put against a dark background. Factor in the glare, and it will be difficult.

True, it’s difficult, but still might be possible. If an LED-like pointer (NOT a laser pointer, since those aren’t allowed) could shine through the plexiglass, perhaps that could give the camera something to focus on…

The ones at the Kickoff event in Manchester, NH were the 36" variety shown here, with that EXACT manufacturer & EXACT colors (blue, green & silver) shown on this following page:

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Rule <G40>C
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