The all new!!!

The day has finally come! version 6.0 has gone live!! The site is not completely done yet, but is any website really ever done anyways?? :wink: We’re going to be eventually be putting up whitepapers of our systems on our robot and updating other pages. Let us know what you think about the new website.

Thanks to the website team for busting thier butt to get the new website up!! :]

Looks nice and professional. One thing though - take out the --------- dashes between items on the navigation bar. They clutter the area. Otherwise, excellent site.

td.menubars a {display: block;}

otherwise pretty nice.

I love the individual pictures! So, David is the ONLY mentor on the team? WOW!

Overall a very nice design. One nit-picking detail, though - in your menu, is the Calculator item supposed to have an area much larger than the rest?

Of course, could be a browser bug (I use Apple’s Safari for almost everything), but it takes away from the professionalism just a touch.

Other’n that, very schnazzy design. Simple, functional, but complex enough to look cool :slight_smile:

That may very will be the case. The computers here at school and my pc are both using explorer, so you’re probably right.

I’ll talk to him about that tonight.