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ok, when I was at kick-off I was really interested in the program they were talking about(the animation thing). I want to get this for my team so we can have this at our disposal. But, of course with my luck im not a morning person and didn’t catch were they said you can get this program or any information on it. Also, if this is in the wrong area or something im very sorry. Thank you for your help in advance.

What exactly are you talking about? Are you talking about the game that they have planned or 3DX Max?

The link above is the download location for the software. You need your team mentor to signup and distribute download permissions

They showed a robot from last year knocking down a ball, most likly in autonmous. I believe they said something about a competion, not sure.

Are you referring to the game simulation?

Sounds like he’s referring to this “game simulator” which we will be getting “soon”. They had a short video of a Overdrive robot turning around the track and knocking off a ball. They didn’t say much about it and I can’t find anything on the website.


No, I believe this was either,right before,during or right after Dean’s speech. It was very brief about 30-60 seconds long. I had a grey robot, with a grey playing field, the robot had an arm that went into the air to knock down the balls.

Hmm, I can’t seam to remember this… It probably was when my lack of sleep was catching up on me :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t help any more, sleep got the best of me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not an animation tool. It is a competition simulator that is (as was said previously) coming soon. it’s a diagnostic tool that can help you determine how your robot will perform under pressure. The simulator looks like it uses CAD files to build a density/volume based actual mass simulation. It is also designed to have online competitions.

Just get Garry’s Mod 10, it’ll do ya fine.

If you are talking about the 3D, 6-player, Overdrive and Lunacy match simulation that my colleagues and I have developed (with very generous Lockheed Martin support), these links will help.

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SK - Can you give me a link to this or describe it?

Garry’s Mod is a Half-Life 2 game mod. It enables you to play around with the game engine physics, spawn objects, pose characters, etc. Tons of things to do.

Garry’s Mod is not a FIRST thing, it is a game that uses Half-Life 2’s physics engine to let you build stuff and play around within the games physics. It could be useful for doing a few demonstrations.

Thanks Guys