The Annual Drives Platform Poll

What Drives platform will your robot have this year?

If Other, please post here.

We are using a four wheel drive with two onmi wheels in the front and 4 traction wheels in the back. Everything is being driven with 4 small cimms on 2 two-speed transmissions.

what’s the Kiwi Drive?

Ahh so omni holonomic in 3 positions

Basically, yes. The omni-wheels are mounted at 120° angles ot the center of the robot. BTW, if you would like to see a video of one of these in action, here is a video of a kiwi drive robot from Team 857 in 2002.

So what’s up with 10WD+?

I think we’ll end up with 12 wheels, but only 6 will be powered.

looks similar to the robot that i posted a picture of, which was taken off of

Meh who needs wheels, we are using legs. :smiley: :smiley: No not really, we will most likely use a 6wd system.

Very interesting, 2 say 10WD+, and one says Crab! i can’t wait to see all these diffrent designs for this years game.

6 small wheels (all powered). Skid steering. 4 small CIMs. 2 speed shift on the fly.

No swerve drive yet? I thought that would be a popular solution this year…

Someone please describe the difference between Crab and Swerve. And while you’re at it, tell us what omni means. I’m lost. I thought Omni, crab, and swerve meant essentially the same thing.

Crab and Swerve are the same thing, Both have “modules” which turn in relation to another. As omni’s do not require the drive to move, just the wheel…



Just a few examples of each

essentially crab and swerve are similiar, but few differences. i believe that a swerve drive has one wheel that turns like a turret and having only 3 wheels in total which are all driven. so in crab all four wheels are able to spin like a turret and be driven. in omni the wheels are stationary and turn in similar direction to the way there paermanently mounted too. there are little wheels that make up the circumfrence of the wlarger wheel, say someone is pushing you from the side omni wheels allow the robot pushing you to move you a lot easier.

interesting still no 2WD or 8WD, lots of 6WD. wahoo

I think there might be people not reading the poll properly and thinking that two wheels might mean driven only. I know there is a spot for that but there must be some confusion. I know of some teams that are going with two wheels with some rolling casters like skid plates.

we’re doin 6wd but how in the world would you do 8wd or even 10wd? that seems almost impossible

nothing is impossible… :wink:

Hmmm. It would seem that it would be quite easy with an omni drive…I’m thinking up to, say 60! If you count the rollers…

I’m just curious to see what this year will be like. The omnis are going to have trouble getting up the ramp, but they’ll be unstoppable at center goal defense. We’ll see…