The "Anything" Quiz 2

The Anything Quiz is a quiz where basically “anything is a question”. It could be a political question, an entertainment question, a math question, a sports question, a certain flower question, it could BE ANYTHING! You got to be the first person to response to get points.

For season 2 of the “Anything” Quiz there are NEW RULES!


  1. Scoring System!

75 points to the 1st person to answer
50 points to the 2nd person to answer
25 points to everyone else that answers the question.

  1. Only one question per week!

  2. Scores from The Anything Quiz 1 will continue into Season 2

Let’s Begin!

No. 123

What do you think of the 2007 F.I.R.S.T game?

It’s ok. It reminds me too much of 1997. But I do like how the rack moves and how the bonus points are scored.

Crazy fun!

It’ll be fun, but hard for non-FIRST spectators to understand.

Breathtaking. In the moment. A strategist’s heaven.

I rather like it. The Rack provides a great challenge with the spider legs moving around.

I’m still in shock. But it will be interesting to see the solutions!

<…Freddy, I think you should start us all with fresh scores for the new season…>

Scores as of Dec 14, 2006

Michelle Celio 75

trilogism 50

Noah Kleinberg 25

dhoizner 25

Hiteak 25

mocat1530 25

New Rule

Answers to questions must be 3 to 7 sentences.

No. 2

If you could be on any other team in FIRST for season, who would it be and why?

I would want to be on Team 395, 2Train Robotics.

I wouldn’t want to be on any team for the FIRST season. Yes all of the other teams are great, but I wouldn’t want to have to rebuild the bonds that I have with my team. If the students don’t get along how do you expect them to work together? Maybe I’m looking at it a little too seriously but that’s just my opinion. But if I had to absolutely choose…I’d pick 229 because I really want to go to Clarkson University.

I would love to be on 1511. I have worked with mentors and students there, it I have made tons of friends. Every FIRST event I’ve been to, I’ve met more and more people from them. They really work hard each year to build the robot and their flare team has tons of energy. They do tons around the community at the same time, and I would love to be part of that force.

As a parent of Team 1511, Thanks Dan!
My choice would be one of the Delphi sponsored teams. I work for Delphi, and we don’t sponsor any teams in this area, but I’ve watched and rooted for the Delphi teams for years! My favorites are 47, of course, and the TecknoKats of Kokomo (Team 45).

FRC 1368 because the have a good arm built

I wouldn’t want to be on another team. Although our team isn’t great almost everyone gets along. Us seniors as well as some juniors are all in the same classes together, so we all understand eachother and have created a good atmosphere in our robotics class. I wouldn’t want to have to try and recreate that atmosphere.

No. 3

What is your favorite regional and why?

I have to go with my own regional (Florida Regional) because, I’ve never been to anyother one. Sure it has some downsides like how on Friday last year we had no power in the outdoor pits. But it has its fun time, I got to see all the Florida FIRST people that I’ve met though Chief Delphi, and you get to see some cool robots like 233. We also every year have teams from Puerto Rico attend our regional which is cool because not all of their students speak English.

Out of regionals I’ve been to:

Probably the Buckeye regional in 2005. Simply because it was our first time there and everyone seemed to love us. Also, we have an incredible that spawned a new, unofficial motto for our team. “Go For Four!”

It relates to the four tetras we attempted to score at once after consistantly being able to score 3 at once.

Our coach denies the fact that the whole thing happened, yet it’s wasn’t a bad thing. It was a great thing. I just remember one of our pit mentors getting up saying “Well… we’ve got work to do laughs

Not to mention the fact that the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a perfect place to kill some time.

FLR for me. It was where I first discovered FIRST. The energy and passion that I saw there was so amazing that I was able to convince my school to start a team. There is tons of room to dance and meet others there and you can get really close up to the field to watch the matches. It just happens to be about 10 minutes away from my home too, so I’m sure that adds into to it.

I’m a fan of GTR (Greater Totonto Regional) because of its hugeness! It draws so many teams, and really steps up the level of competition. And yet it offers some of the greatest opportunities for gracious professionalism. And its fun to be able to say you went to a foreign country for your FIRST Competition.

My favorite regional is the lonestar regional in Houston. Last year it was a lot of fun. We stayed in a ghetto motel where i thought we were gonna be murdered. The best part was finishing way at the bottom after qualifying and then being chosen to join one of the top 8 teams. Our alliance finished in 2nd place, the alliance would have won but our robot threw a chain.

Florida regional

Because thats the only one I’ve been to