The "Anything" Quiz

Hey Everyone, some I am bore and decided to play a new game, a trivia game.

The Anything Quiz is something where basically “anything could be a question”. It could be a political question, an entertainment question, a math question, a sports question, a certain flower question, it could BE ANYTHING! You got to be the first person to response to get points.


  1. Each day I will post a question.

  2. The first person to correctly response to the question will get 1 point. Only the first person to response to and correctly get it will get points.

  3. The question could come at any time of the day, so be on the look-out.

  4. I will keep track of points and at the end of week, I will announce who are the top three.

  5. This contest will end on Dec 31,2006. The top three will win a prize.

FIRST question.

Category: Television Drama Show


This show lasted 7 seasons on NBC and followed the day to day lifestyle of “POTUS” Josiah Barlet?

The West Wing.

The West Wing.

Correct! 1 pt

Second Question

Category: Superman!

Question: What was Lex Luthor Assistant Name?

Didn’t he have two assistants?


he has/had a few different ones

Eve Teschmacher in superman and superman II the movies

Eve Teschmacher

I was looking for Otis but you could also have Eve Teschmacher


JamesBrown 1 pt

3rd Question

Category: Musical Roller-coaster!

Question: In the MGM Studios, you probably would be waiting in line for this band’s “rocking experience” ride?



1 pt

The No 4 Question

Category: I WANT MY MTV!

Question: The first video to ever be played on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the British band, The Buggle but do you know what the second video to ever be played on MTV? Please provide the artist and song of the second video that appear on the Music Television Network.

Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run”

Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run”


1 pt

No. 5er Question

Category: Chris Martin

Question: What tattoo does he have on his left hand?

He has Oxfam campaign’s twin-striped logo on his left hand



The No. 6 Question

Category: GOLDFISH!

Question: What “farm” makes the famous little cheddar fish?

the box at my desk says pepperidge

Yeah 33.5 oz. of goldfish awesomeness.