the atlas robot!.bmp

hahaha you guys are gonna rock this year


hahaha! Cool!

Isn’t this a bit over the size limits? :yikes:

seriousley though, what is top curved ball for? I can guess that the ball will be resting on this before being launched but I can’t see how the ball will be lifted to that position…

Good luck!


Looks like it knocks the trackball off the overpass.

Is that all one giant bumper!!!:eek:

Yes the big arm sticking up will knock the ball off the overpass but does not launch the ball. And no it is not one giant bumper its just the way the picture came out. there is actually 7 different sections that go on there.

nice! are you running all omni-wheels??

yes all wheels are omni

oh cool. Do you have some way of insuring that a hit wont spin you out of control?

our drivers will compensate when we get hit, and the motors will not allow us to spin because we have total control