The Autodesk Top Five

Hey, does anyone know when the top five are suppose to be announced? I know that FIRST is saying something like two weeks before nationals, but that’s a little vague. Anyone know for sure?

They will be announcing the top five entries of the Autodesk Inventor Award this year for all teams to vote for the best entry on the FIRSTbase site.

I have also heard two weeks before the nationals…nothing more specific than that as far as I know.

We are in the middle of the judging process now, and hope to make an announcement in the near future. My apologies I can not be more specific at this moment.

We have over 91 entries, and the competition is fierce this year. Great work everyone!

Inventor Award Coordinator


91 out of 1300+ teams?
I thought the AVA was underepresented.
How dissapointing and perhaps a good indicator of this.
It would be interesting to see the collective record of the 91 teams who entered (and see how much larger their trophy case has gotten) because they used CAD to assist in designing their robot. A tool that was available to all teams! Not just the rich HAVES.

so…why aren’t teams participating?
any ideas?

Lack of know how, amount of time, skill? I think all have a reason for the amount of teams who don’t submit. I’m sure there are many teams who use it to make stuff for the robot but don’t submit… hopefully.

Keep in mind that this is way up from just 57 entries two years ago, if I remember correctly.

Also, not all teams that use CAD submitted for the award. Teams use other software, or didn’t see fit to submit for the award (such as 125).

Would it be worthwhile to put a poll in the General forum and ask for teams to post why or who not?

I know we used Solidworks and didn’t want to move to Inventor in the middle of the season. Maybe next year.

This is 116s first year submitting, but we have used it (and some other software) in the past without submitting for the award. Many other teams use AutoCAD, Solidworks, and other software.

It couldn’t hurt to ask.

Team 469 is not participating because only one person on our team uses Inventor. The majority of the students use Solidworks and one of our mentor uses Unigraphics.


OK let’s say we make a poll -
what are the questions?

Did you submit an entry for the Autodesk Inventor Award?



Please give reasons if you selected No

How’s that for starters?
Or do you want to add:
if Yes, how many years have you submitted?

We submit an animation, but no inventor submission.

We use Pro-E Wildfire simply because it’s what BAE Systems uses and they can easily train students on it. Also… it’s installed on all of the computers in the lab we have access to. Getting things installed on the school computers is a rough process and we’d rather not deal with it.

Sorry, Inventor.

Yes, I believe our team has submitted for 5 years and won twice. Any teams who step outside of the Inventor program shouldn’t be up for the award, really.

Keep in mind, that AVA is given out only at the championship. So that means only 350 teams (thats just a number) or less have the chance to participate for this award. Out of those 350 teams, 150 of those teams get qualified during the regionals (winner of the regional, EI, or chairmans). So that leaves us with 200 teams. So I would say 91 teams submitted out of 200 teams. I am only guesstimating the numbers that I used in this post.

Our team submitted an entry for the inventor contest for the first time this year. In previous years we just haven’t had students who have known Inventor well enough. Luckily for the team, our biggest inventor guru is a junior and will be back next year :).

You don’t need to be signed up for Championships to win the award. It’s a separate entity.

Our team submitted for the first time this year. We went into an extreme amount of detail and I’m very proud of our three members who comitted their entire lives to the Inventor Program. We out in all the corner fastners and slide fastners for the extrusion and all of the random little bolts and screws and washers.