The Autodesk Top Five

this is the first year we used Inventor, and it was mainly because i was like the only senior on the whole team and i REALLY pushed it. Surprisingly, the whole team followed up with it and someone would turn out a concept drawing every night. As soon as we demonstrated that the gripper worked in real life, i think our team finally saw the value in it - there were so many dimensions we could not have done without the CAD system.

I think that a lot of teams just want to get down and dirty and get in the shop and start building something with their hands. In truth though, trial and error is expensive and time consuming, and may require redesign. Another thing that i noticed was that all of my drawings were much more convincing because i animated them for people, so they all immediately went for my idea, since they knew how it would work and that it was possible.

Im pretty sure that a lot of my team values CAD so much more now, but like other teams im afraid the rest of my team lacks the experience to build an enitre robot again. I am positive however that it will be used in the future for at least minor parts.

That’s cool. I hope your team continues again.

But as soon as someone knows about the top five, please post something!

The Top Five are posted!

Please submit your vote today.

Good luck to all that are involved.

Cool. Congrats to the five teams who made the top five.

Looks like the RoboRaiders URL has a backslash where it should have a forward slash.

We’ve got three past winners here, and the maker of the field model graciously provided for download early this season. I’m glad 871’s entry worked out after their hosting problems.

After going to a workshop at the Kickoff event in 2004, I always wanted to do it, but my only problem was finding enough time to do it, THere was alot of work behind it and as being a driver, and a part of the build season and pit crew, There wasnt much time between meetings and homework:D

congratulations to the top five…but i have a doubt… has the “inventor robot” (i didn’ get to explain that in another way) to be the most equal as possible to the “real robot”? :confused:

Congrats to all the team that made the top 5. I looked at all of your sites and you all did a great job. I hope to get to meet some of you guys at either Philly Regional or Atlanta.


Congratulation guys! it will be tough

Mateus, the main purpose is how you use inventor to make a better robot :slight_smile:

allright… thank you… and congrats… go go BRAZIL!!! lol

thanks! It’s really nice that there are Brazilian representatives in this competition, I’ve seen that several rookies joined too

even though our team didn’t made it to atlanta through the regional awards, I’m going with the FLL team that we are mentoring, so I hope to see all of you inventor-addicted there!

This is true. We designed our whole robot in CAD, but the work wasn’t up to par with what we’ve seen other teams do so we passed on submitting this year.

First, I would like to say great job to ALL teams in the top five.

-And yes, it should be pretty much be exactly what your robot looks like in real life.-

I was not surprised to see these teams make top five. And the fact that there’s a few of us that won the award in the past is going to make this very ineteresting! I really love to see what teams put into these awards.

For me, I, as I am sure is true for every team that is competing for the spot, put a lot of my heart into the award. I have taught 2 new freshmen to carry on our name and they are the ones that did all of the controls this year (look at the control page on our site). I will remember their faces when it was done and completed. I remember the smiles. I will never forget them, because I feel like if there was ever a time that I made an impact in someone’s life, it was that moment. Teaching them what FIRST meant to me was the most awarding thing I have EVER recieved. Because in the end, it’s the impact that you leave that really matters. It’s the inspiration behind the recognition.

I love what I do and there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing in my life, than this right here. We are well aware of the dedication it takes to get there. I hope, too, I will eventually meet and shake everyone’s hand that got top five this year. Best of luck to everyone!

This is what we did. We have a full robot modeled in Inventor, but we also used some Solidworks in it, which basically would throw us out of the running.

Also, I am the only person on our team that does drafting but I also run the website, do mechanical, and fund raising, so it becomes difficult to find time to submit. We did last year.

On Behalf of Team 75 id like to congratulate and commend teams 103, 342, 871, 1156 on their magnificent work on their Inventor submissions this year, your sites and models look amazing

on a side note…the link to 75’s website is still broken, the proper URL is below

Yes, idl like to second that last statement and congradulate the top 5 on their outstanding models. I am very happy with the exponential growth of people using CAD as their developement tool in FRC. Professionalism is showing more and more.

I would also like to remind everyone about the Autodesk stand that will be in atlanta for any teams who want to persue it next year. They have tutorials and at the end of all of them will supply free one year software to anyone who listens in 3ds max or autodesk inventor. (by the time this expires, the next season wll have started and oyu will have Inventor 12 anyway). I strongly recomment this if you want to take a break from the bots

Thank you and congratulations to your team for also making the top 5. I would also like to remind everyone to please vote for the Autodesk Inventor Award as well as the Autodesk Visualization Award on I know that our team put in countless hours into our entry as I’m sure every other team did. Take time to look at the entries and vote for the teams that you think most deserve the award.

Here is the link to Team 871’s entry :smiley:

Once again congrats to all teams that made it this far in the competition…hope to see you all in Atlanta

Good luck to everyone nominated!

Go vote!!! :smiley:

In case anyone’s interested:

Our robot (for lots of cool images/video of all our sub components):

Who is gonna be at the autodesk luncheon in atlanta??


Wow… So many great submissions.

I’m an Inventor guy on our team, and I know how much effort those must have taken all of you. Great Job!

See you all in Atlanta. :slight_smile: