The Bash at the Beach

The 2019 Bash at the Beach will be held @ Lyme Old Lyme High School,Old Lyme,Ct. October 19th, further information about registration and times, along with a pre-order menu for lunch, can be found at this link.
The link should be live Monday the 16th. We are lookingforward to seeing the usual cast of characters as well as some new faces. See you all on the 19th. Team 236.


I was unable to follow the link

Edit: It works now


Sadly I will not be able to attend, but good luck to all the teams competing this year!

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Updated Team List?


Is there an updated team list for the event?

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Where can we find an updated team list?

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Does anyone know if there is a stream for this somewhere?

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Usually there is no stream for Bash. If someone wants to prove me wrong I’d be glad.

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Bash at the Beach 21 was great!

One new Rookie Team from Torrington and the usual suspects.

T’was won by 177, 178 and 3555.
Finalists were 176, 7462 and 3719.

All the great experiences with teams introducing new students to FIRST and rookie drivers.


I think it was 4557, not 7462

Thanks, I had a feeling that I may had gotten that wrong.

It seems that less than half of the off season events this weekend used the FMS connection with FIRST. At least that is my theory as to why the match results are not on The Blue Alliance.

Hoping that Robot Rumble will use it next week as I am less familiar with those teams and hope to rely on the GATool for Game Announcing.