The basic "what happened?"

For those teams who did compete this weekend I just wanted to ask what your observations were.

Did many robots fall over? (as in bad center of gravity not as in expanding to a five foot base)

Did areas become frequently cluttered with dropped tetras?

What was an average score for a match? (Not counting penalties) Did they vary a lot? What was “an outstanding score?”

What was a normal number of penalties per round? Did they vary a lot?

How many robots expanded to a five foot base? How many of these lost large numbers of pieces? Were there any designs of robots other than your basic base and a stacking arm (such as a large blocking robot). How did these do? Were things like omnidrives and turrets useful?

Did controlling a row really effect scores much or did people just tend to slap tetras on the nearest goal to the loading zone?

How fast did the volunteers reload the loading zones?

I understand that capping with the vision tetras was a problem…was there anything else that people had real problems doing?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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