The Battlecry I saw

Please take everything said in theis post as a reflection of me, NOT RAGE as a whole.

I was driving the arm for rage at BC3. During that match, you know what i’m talking about, i was dissapointed. But after watching the video of the ‘bump’ i can assure you it was not a bump. Please try to change my mind by replying to this post.

If it was a ‘bump’ why did you guys spin around just before you hit us to face your stronger side toward us, and wait for our arm to get higher.

As for the rest of my team, excluding, joel and steve. Im speechless. Ian - What the hell is wrong with you? John - You’re still a freshman and don’t know how to handle yourself yet, so keep your mouth shut and just observe and learn. Mark - The same goes for you as it does john.

I am angry, sad, dissapointed, confused, shocked, angry, mad, angry at what happened and more of what was said on these boards.

Lasstly, I had fun at BC3 and am dissapointed i cannot go to Bash at the beach to face off again (college thing).

Water under the bridge, Water under the bridge man!

Thank’s for being a great alliance partner @ BC3 but please for your own sake and your team’s sake keep it cool on the boards!

Even if you do say that statements come from yourself and not representative of your team, you still are representing your team!

I know that loss hurt but, don’t do or say anything you will regret in the future.

Also if you need to talk with a team member about something that he or she has said or done here on the boards, don’t make matters worst by airing out dirty laundry here. Taking team problems of any kind to a public forum is totally wrong. Trust me! We had this happen to us as a team in the past and it does have an affect on the team as a whole!
It gets to be a… sticky situation!

Again thank you and congratulations on the excellent alliance we had at BC3 and I hope to have our teams work together in the future!

as i said last night … an hour before this was posted – this topic will take a rest from the forums for a day or two.