The Best 2014 Regional Winning Alliance

This year’s game involves teamwork more than any other game in recent years.
Which winning alliance in 2014 is the best and why?

Would be pretty cool if Winning Regional Alliances competed at the Championships, instead of individual teams.

*But then again you also have those that have won more than 1.

I really liked your alliance in Dallas. It was incredible to see that 457 fell to alliance 1. I was very surprised they were not picked up sooner, but was excited to see them on the top alliance to make that KILLER alliance. Very impressed with how 457 played at both Alamo and Dallas. Congrats!

The winning alliance in Groton was great. 1991, 230 and 1699 were playing the game smart and had a smart strategy. As the 7th ranked alliance they battled against the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed alliance. Everyone thought they would be out in the first round. However, the teams played it smart and created a strategy that integrated plenty of offense and defense and would not allow the other alliances to counter them without ruining their means of scoring. I hope to see more alliances working together to overcome the impossible.

The GTR East winning alliance of 4476, 1285, and 2198 might not be the most powerful alliance formed but together their alliance exceeded the summed value of their robots.

Here are my top 3 in order.

  1. 118 - 1986 - 1723 ( KC : had huge cycle scores)
  2. 67 - 469 - 3548 (Howell : the 469 truss shot is amazing)
  3. 148 - 359 - 457 (Dallas : amazing driving and scoring ability)