The Best Fail of 2020?

IRI challenge?


Make low goal 3 points inner goal 2 and outer goal 1 for IRI but must score from behind the CP?


I might be mistaken, but I think our shot sequence when we did this was: Inner, then Outer, then Low. I think that should be bonus points for getting a straight.


Was it intentional in any way making the low goal? :joy: :joy:


Nope, not at all. The balls are damaged so much that it was probably one with a chunk taken out of it.

We actually had two long shot low goals at the event, but the other one bounced first, so it’s less impressive looking.

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That’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see more stuff like that


Does stripping all of your drive gears and breaking the welds on your swerve modules forcing you to not be able to move for almost the entirety of the event count?

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Reminds me of an incident from 10 years ago.


Maybe 1678’s missed auto. That was a good laugh.

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There were some early issues with vision tracking locking into skylights at LA North. In a practice match, 1678 launched a full volley into the crowd, that was fun.


Curious to see how many balls hit drive team members/driver stations during matches

On practice day at Greater KC, a robot shot over the high goal, hit the backboard of the basketball goal behind it and bounced off the rim. A few inches to the left and it would’ve made a goal.

In another match that day, a robot shot straight up and the power cell came within inches of hitting an opponent’s e-stop.


There were quite a few balls hitting field volunteers in New England.

Granite State, Quarterfinal 3, referee in back left:

Northern CT, Qualification 58, field reset volunteer coming into frame in front left:

Northern CT, Quarterfinal 4, referee in the back left (behind the Shield Generator pillar from the camera’s angle):

Q58 had a flag come up real quick on that one. Ref must have thought the head shot was pretty intentional

Driver taking a ball to the head


How many teams would scrap their bots to get a low goal runner?

Lol that drive coach

There was a lot of light interference at the venue. Our actual best fail was during practice matches when our auto locked on to our opponents goal and made 2 shots full field through the switches.


How would you say the skylights there compare to the skylights at the Fairgrounds venue?


More overall ambient light at Del Mar, but the actual skylights are dirtier there, so not as intense of light. Hard to tell for sure though, it’s been overcast/rainy the last two years.

Seemed to mostly impact the very close shots where they were pointing the camera nearly vertical.

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He told me he’d catch it if it happened lol