The best fundraising program ever...

They do a program with sports teams and organizations where the group sells the VG cards. They’re about the size of a gret card and…well, they can do a bunch of different things.

We sell them for out football team in high school. They sell like friggen hotcakes. They cost $10 apiece and enable the cardholder to access really good savings–everything from a free tire rotation to $2.00 a large pizza at Papa Ginos to $15 dollars off a tuxedo at Mr. Tux–for an entire year. That means you can make good on that $2.00 deal unlimited times in one year. Once people realize that, they buy them like crazy.

I believe that the organization keeps half the money and half is sent back to VG. But even so, it raises TONS of money. We have 49 kids on the football team and were each issued 20 cards to sell. In less than a week I’ve already sold 25, and 20 of them came in four days. I still have to go up and down my street and sell them door to door–kids at school love them too.

Also, you can have the image on the front of the card customized for your organization. Our card says “Hollis Brookline Cavaliers Football Team” and has our school logo on it.

It’s an awesome deal, and it could really help out a lot of teams. Check it out–

Oh yeah…thought I’d throw in this little stat as well…

In under a week of fundraising, our football team has raised over $5000 in net profit with this program. And I know a lot of kids haven’t sold more than five cards yet. It’s a sweet program. Get it before someone else in your region does–hawk them at the mall, everything. I only wish we’d known about this for our FIRST team before our football team did.


Our program failed miserably.

… and that’s probably due to the fact no one wants to walk door to door in the freezing winter.

Also, as you said, the football team does it too so by the time we get around to it, the customers already have bought their cards.

I just didn’t bother. :confused:

WOWH! I Wanna Jump on this!