The best motor and gearbox pairing for our Andymark Robot?

We are a new team in FRC and are preparing for the season. However, we need help regarding our climber. We are using a Thrifty Telescoping tube for this along with the Andymark robot. We saw the suggestions for the motors and gearboxes from the Andymark website, but we don’t know which one we should use. We have mini cim motors and redline motors, so which gearbox ratios should we use? Thank you in advance.

There’s a couple more details that are relevant here.

  1. How heavy is your robot? You need a different gear ratio depending on how much you’re trying to lift
  2. Do you have one Thrifty Telescoping Tube or two? Do you need a gearbox for each one, or are you driving them both off the same shaft?

My suggestion would be some sort of 57 Sport from AndyMark. They come in a specific ratio, with mounting hardware for Redline motors, so not that much assembly is required.

Thank you for the answer. The robot weighs around 115 lbs, but we are also planning to use one (two stage) Thrifty Telescoping Tube. Thank you again.

AM makes the Climber-in-a-box, which is a similar product to the Thrifty Telescoping Tube kit. They have this recommendation on their site:

A RedLine in a 48:1 is pretty safe. You could probably go to a 36:1 if you’re lighter and want to climb slightly faster, but the 48:1 is a safe play.

Thank you for the answer, I think we will go with the RedLine paired with 48:1.

Note you do need to be able to press a pinon on your existing Redline if you don’ buy one with it already pressed on.

Personally I shy away from fan cooled motors on climbers and would recommend the Mini CIM which would also need a pinion pressed on as well as the CIM motor mounting block.

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I see, thank you. Well in that case, what gearbox ratio should we take to go with it?

Andy Mark recommends their 20:1 with a Mini CIM, but the diameter of the spool you are using is important part of the gear ratio calculation. If you are using a larger diameter spool than the one in AM’s Climber-in-a-box, you will need a higher gear reduction, so you might need to go with the 36:1 or even higher depending on your spool diameter and the weight of your robot.

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Sorry for the late response, but thank you very much for your answer. I will consult our coach and we’ll decide what to do based on your answers. Have a good day.

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