The best of the best: Chairman's Videos

As a presentation/P.R. guy, when a team puts out a great chairman’s video, (looking at you, Grizzlies) I start taking notes. When a team puts out an amazing video, I burn my notepad. Defining amazing as “Not necessarily the best material out there, but presented in such a way as to blow your mind, using a solid base, incredible video quality, good visuals, multiple cuts, clean audio, and a catchy/easy to follow narrative.”, what are some of the best Chairman’s videos you’ve seen over the years?

I really liked the videos from Ililte and Thunder Down Under for the 2016-2017 season, though I may be slightly biased as far as Ilite goes. (my team is in there for 2 or 3 seconds)

Note: These don’t have to be people who won it at St. Louis/Houston, a Regional event, or even a District Competition. I’m actually curious how many teams have put out an amazing video and not made it super far.

1114’s video from 2012 is top notch.

The video and format is uniform throughout, and every person speaking is portraying the same message. They also bring in people from outside of 1114 for extra effect. They don’t beat around the bush, but are very straightforward about why they’re qualified for chairman’s. I like that.

3132 takes it in a different direction with a different approach, but they are also able to effectively showcase why and how they deserve the Chairman’s Award.

I’m a personal fan of 27’s 2014 video.

I consider my team’s 2 last Chariman’s video quite unique, have a look:



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I was really proud of our 2016 Chairman’s video. The end in particular had us crying and elicited an amazing response from the crowd at Rocket City.

4613s is pretty darn cool -

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I am fan of the 254 2012 video: The last scene from Jim tugs a heart string a bit as he passed this week from his battle with cancer RIP.

And locally the 1538 video from the year they won national

Both these videos, and many above seem to follow a trend that they present these teams simply and showcase the impact they’ve had around the community/word without coming off as bragging or showboating.

It’s also interseting seeing how video production as improved over the years. The popularity of DSLRs that can shoot video well has dramatically improved the IQ of what the average team can obtain. Thought the content definitely is more important then how pretty the video looks.

I absolutely love 3132’s 2017 chairmen’s video, they did an incredible job on it.

Thanks for all your positive comments! We really wanted to try something different from our previous videos and focused less on delivering a super comprehensive summary of what we did. Judges will hear about everything you’ve done in your presentation and essay. Instead, we based our video on the empirical evidence we experienced at outreach events of the power of the video for promoting the team. It quickly grabbed the attention of visitors/potential students, parents and sponsors, and allowed us to begin a conversation about the team and the FIRST programs. With this view, we designed our video to be the most powerful promotion tool for our team that we could; to quickly and effectively capture someone’s attention about our team and the program. The kids really got behind the video concept early and had an awesome time sharing our story with the world!