The best Regional in the Midwest 2007

I want too know what people think is going to be the best regional held in the mid west?

Will it be Great Lakes, Midwest, West Michigan or another one. Right now it looks like a tough one to choose one, and I’m going to save my vote until after Kickoff.

But for my biased opinion right not it looks like West Michigan is one of the top 2, easily. With Wildstang - 111, Robo Dawgs - 288, Chief Delphi - 47, and all the Holland area teams, teams 74, 107, and 141 (I can’t remember exact team names right now) signed up right now, and teams 27, 33, 65, 66, 67, 70, 71, 85, 322, and 494 (to many teams for names) waiting to get in, it will be a tough one.

I only named the teams that stood out too me from last year. Because there are teams going that might not have stood out too me but are good teams.

Great Lakes
65, 66, 67, 68, 70, 201, 254, 322, 451, 494, 503, 1114, 1213

im gonna say great lakes…there is ALWAYS a powerhouse of teams there and its always one of the toughest regionals. I(the team) have been there the last 2 years and its always a very hard regional…very competitive and well planned.

on a side note i really like Eastern Mi Univ. They have a very good setup for a robotics competition. Nice pit areas and easy to navigate.

Hands Down, Great Lakes! Flat out tough! I’ve never been there myself, but the competition is always very entertaining.

St. Louis gets a close second with the TechnoKats and ThunderChickens always a threat.

Besides 254, 503, 1114, and 1213 all of the others are waiting to get in West Michigan. If they get in, and you add 27, 33, 71, and 111 to the mix, wouldn’t that be better than Great Lakes?

This is true. I wish there was more room at West Michigan. This last year was a lot better with two pit areas, but a down side is congestion at queuing.

There isn’t much of a contest there…

I voted Boilermaker… I’m kinda biased though.

I’m going with Western Michigan. It has a tougher field than GLR (if most of those waiting list teams get in) and the atmosphere is more competitive. They both are nice venues for a regional. I’m just slightly bias towards WMR because it is my favorite regional.

I’ll concede that the strongest Midwestern field will be at one of the three Michigan events. Michigan leads the nation in total FRC teams and is second only to New Hampshire in teams per capita.

But the BEST regional of 2007 will be in St. Louis. :slight_smile: And Boilermaker will be a great event, too. :wink:

The most competition will be at GLR, in my opinion. The sleeper will be St. Louis, look for some big plays out there.

With 254, 503, 1114, and 1213 you have 3 trips to Einstein in the past 2 years (including one finalist and one championship), 6 regional championships in 2006, one FIRST Hall of Fame team, and a 2006 Chairman’s Honorable Mention at Championship. Plus, do we know who is on the GLR wait list? :wink:

I think that answers your question. Which regional did the top teams enter, and with which one are they sitting on the fence? The event in S.E. Michigan is naturally “better” than any in the rest of the mid-west/nation/world because more great teams come from here than any other place - by a bunch, not even close. I.E. count the number of Champions over the last five years that come from S.E. Michigan.

In fact, if Detroit would move from WSU to MCCC, then West Michigan would become the third “best” mid-west regional.

WMR is approaching an IRI level of competion even. I feel for any rookies going there but I’m also jealous of the show they’ll see in those elims. Some one please webcast this for those of us that will be elsewhere!

Hey, easy on the rookies! We won WMR- and Lead the Alliance- in 2004!! NEVER underestimate ANY team. “Power house” reputations are nice and all but you never really know what will happen until the teams hit the field.

I will definitely will have to go with West Michigan, my eyes just got bigger as I went down the list. I had to look twice to belive the team list and pending list. I was thinking to myself “IRI”. looking forward to this regional and it will be a blast there are many teams that are so awesome attending this event. :slight_smile:

I think Western Michigan is now the best but mostly due to scheduling. When we had a Motorola Midwest regional on a stand alone weekend, that was about as good as it could get. Very few regionals have the teeth that one had at one time.

I wasn’t saying that these teams aren’t good. I was saying that 9 of the 13 teams you mentioned; as being a reason why you like GLR, are on the waiting list for WMR; and then adding the other teams I metioned, this might make WMR a little better.

Another reason I tend to think WMR might be a little bit better; is that its on the last weekend of regionals, where GLR is on the second weekend. Which means that most teams have competed in at least one other regional, before WMR, and have a good idea what they want to do at WMR.

Last thing, we don’t know from the First website who’s on the wait list for GLR, because right now its full. But you probably already checked yourself.

We’re going to St. Louis and Boilermaker this year.

I like boilermaker because its close to home, but its too crowded. I wish they wouldn’t use the armoury for it, instead find a different (more spacious) site that would allow more teams. IRI to me is better than the boilermaker because of the number of teams.

I’m looking forward to St. Louis (haven’t been there)

Plus you forgot 469, 93, 47 and 302 who are not at GLR.
Recently, GLR was the strongest by far until Detroit came along and diluted GLR. That also happened to Midwest when Boilermaker came along and now Wsiconsin to dilute it further.

My general point was that some of the WMR teams who are not currently signed up for GLR may be on the GLR wait list (hoping for another team to drop out). Either way though, WMR and GLR are looking like the top-two regionals for 2007 (that is, until we see the robots). Las Vegas isn’t too far behind though.

Guys lets agree to disagree on which Mi regional is better, but I think we all know the best regionals are in the Midwest :wink: .