The best Regional in the Midwest 2007

That’s cus you Midwest teams are afraid to come back to the East. :wink:

My thoughts…

“powerhouse” team wise… I’d have to say West Michigan.

However, I’m rather partial to WI, just because we have so far 7 of 8 MN teams going… one great leap for Minnesota! (last year there were 2 MN teams).

I think WM will be a great experience for any rookie teams lucky enough to be going though… hopefully 1816 will get to go as well!

Now that 254 isn’t going to GLR does that change anyones pick?

Note: A non-Midwest rep-digit team won this regional in its rookie year (2002) and [hoped to come] back to WMR for a third time.

(Not having seen the pending list,) its either West Michigan or GLR. Hard decision. I’ll have to give it to West Michigan, though, as it has a higher concentration of stellar past performance.

Yah, totally St. Louis, just because it’s the one I"m going to, and it’s not during my midterms! (otherwise I’d drive up there) p:

I have gone to both many years. I feel that both are great regionals BUT West MI is a better/harder regional. Here are my top 5 reasons.

  1. West MI is the last weekend of regional’s (teams know what they are doing)
  2. The BEAST is back!! (enough said)
  3. Det took away more distinguished teams from GLR fast because it is toooo small and fills up fast!!! :mad:
  4. The First 25 teams give me butterflies just knowing we have to go against them one time or another.
  5. :frowning: the cheesy poofs could not make it to GLR :frowning: (maybe next year)

Can’t say that there is a bad regional out there. Each has there own good and bad points. I would have to say that the GLR is a great place to see what is to come. There are alway a couple teams that are ready, willing and able to show us just how great a game FIRST has come up with. It is early in the season and kind of lights the fire. The WMR is the culmination of four weeks worth of regional action and fine tuning of the machines, drive teams, scouts, stategists etc. etc. etc. As Mr. Verbruggie says, pound per pound the WMR is one of the toughes out there. Especially this year with both The Beast and Wildstang coming. I sure hope that 111 is able to webcast the WMR. My vote has to go to WMR.