The BEST robot

Out of all the robots you have seen thus far…which one do you think is the best and why?

Which one do you think will stand a good chance at winning the regionals and nationals?

In the spirit of FIRST and gracious professionalism please do NOT pick your OWN team and/or a closely affiliated “sister team”.

((For example I can’t say 222 has the best robot because it’s my own team and I can’t pick team 84 or 284 because they are both sister teams of team 222))

This is a chance to build up others and that’s what FIRST is all about!!!

Team 68 and 45 are incredible KOH bots.

Team 47 has a very nice design, prolly one of the better non-KOH bots(very similar to our design).

179 has a great robot, they’re insane!!

980 is the rookie team to watch for!!!

I think this question is a little premature to ask.

There is little evidence to substantiate any claims at this point.

Why not try this when we start seeing some regionals :slight_smile:

After you see the regionals it will be too late… we will already KNOW who won and who had the best robots…

I agree with Patrick because his last name is the same as mine. :slight_smile: But yeah, this is a bit premature to be asking this. A picture may be worth a thousand words but until we see video footage, it’s hard to decide.

Team 60 has done it again. 217 looks awesome this year too.

i like 522

they look manly.

60 has the right idea again, i just think they went a tinny bit under like with what they did last year, one team like team 71 will outdo them in the semi finals at nationals