The Best Team(s) in need of an event win/

From the NC District, I would say HOTBOTZ, 2640. They haven’t won an event since the Palmetto Regional in 2012. However, they seem fairly consistent and did well in 2016, being semifinalists at Guilford County and quarterfinalists at UNC Asheville as well as NC DCMP.

I haven’t followed them that closely, but 435 seems good. They are the oldest team in the NC District, and last won in 2013. Their 2016 robot had a cool design. (If anyone who knows is reading this, were those hoses actually functional or just for aesthetics? Either way, they looked great!)

I’ll post again if I come up with more…

I think for California, 696 is an obvious answer to this question:

They last won an event in 2007 at San Diego, but they’ve won a whole list of other awards since–3 quality, 3 industrial design, 1 excellence in engineering, 1 innovation in control, 1 gracious professionalism, and 1 WFFA, in addition to making finals at IE 2013. They’ve also been a captain/first pick at every event since 2011, attended IRI in 2013, and build beautiful machines every year. They’re also really nice people and always willing to answer questions every time I’ve talked to them.

(also according to my friends I’m obsessed with symmetrical / powdercoated / color coordinated robots as well as palindrome numbers, so it’s hard to get much better than 696)

Other strong contenders:

649: won SVR in 2010, and have made finals at SVR again in 2015 but haven’t managed to get another win, despite putting up strong robots each year. In 2016 alone they made semis at both CVR and SVR, won excellence in engineering and imagery, and were finalists at Calgames.

3256: they won Sac their rookie year (2010), then made finals at Sac and SVR 2012. Despite winning Calgames 2015, they haven’t been able to win another official event, although they have gotten an impressive number of other awards since their last win: RCA x2, EI x1, dean’s list x3, WFFA x1, industrial safety x4, entrepreneurship x4 (including 3 in one year), and finalists x2.

I’m probably missing teams, and I’ll come back and add them when I think of more. For norcal in particular, there have been very few unique teams winning regionals, although there is an increasing number of teams challenging that.

In the past 4 years, there have been 3 norcal events per year, coming to 12 events or 36 slots on winning alliances–but there have only been 19 different teams. On captain/1st pick slots it’s even more drastic: 8 teams vs 24 slots, and for captain/1st picks for the past 3 years, it’s 5 vs 18.

Put another way: from 2013 on, there has only been 1 norcal event that didn’t have either 1678 or 254 on the winning alliance. From 2014, that number is zero. They make up for 16 of the 24 winning captains/1st picks since 2013, 14 of 18 from 2014 on. This data graphed (with multiple winners colored):

(they’d probably also say I’m obsessed with streaks. But seriously, this is crazy)

*All stats are for official events only
*The 8 capt/1st pick winners (team (# wins at norcal regionals)) are 1678 (9), 254 (7), 971 (2), 118 (2), 973 (1), 840 (1), 2489 (1), and 3189 (1). The first 5 are winners from 2014-16.

Forgot about those guys (actually, I think I remembered, then sat down to write my last post and forgot).

I’d have to go tossup between 980 and 696: 980 has more wins (and finalists), and more recent, but generally builds something tough and scrappy, playing a lot of defense. 696 has more elegant machines and plays a lot of offense. Now if they could just team up together with another good offense robot…

I would agree that we’re desperately in need of a win! :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully this year. Gunning for it hard.

Thanks for the shoutout Rachel, its a great boost to our efforts aside from being a wonderful compliment.

Team 696 is working very diligently this year, perhaps more than ever, to bring home a win. A decade is a long time, and our students are determined to change this.

Good list. I think you’re missing one team: 1868 :P.

You guys build great looking and performing robots every year and have come so close in the past (2012 and 2013) - not to mention all the outreach and work with the community.

Here’s hoping you win one in 2017!

103 The Cybersonics

They’ve been to the regional/district finals 10 times in their history. They won the first six regional finals (up to the 2008 New Jersey regional). They’ve lost the last four (since 2008 Philadelphia). That finals losing streak stretches to 5 if you count the 2011 Curie finals (they also lost the 2003 Curie finals).

In New York- 1511 hasn’t won an event since 2013 Boston, despite building some excellent machines, and winning a number of well-deserved Chairmans and EI awards.

191 hasn’t won an event since FLR 2012.
1551 hasn’t won an event since FLR 2010.
3003 hasn’t won an event since FLR 2013.

All four teams have had some good robots since then. Part of 191’s problem is that they only attend one regional (and the championship).

There are a lot of good, deserving teams in Rochester that win infrequently because of how much parity there this in the area.

For Colorado, definitely 662. They haven’t won a regional since 2004, but have consistently built strong and capable robots that appear in the playoffs since then. I hope to see them win a regional sometime soon.

They won Curie in 2016

You’re correct. I forgot, since they’ve been on a regional drought.

We gave serious consideration to bypassing Super Regional North and going to a second regional but we’ll stick with the norm this year.

That sad moment when you realize that unless Ed attends both Champs he won’t be at yours :frowning:

It is sad, isn’t it?

We got close last year at Toronto but came up a little short against an awesome alliance.

One day it would be nice to win FLR since we have never done that!

FLR is a tough regional to win. Who knows what would have happened after quarterfinals if it weren’t for that unfortunate red card?

I know this is off topic but I just went back and watched that match, what was the red card for?

Good question :rolleyes:

I believe it was on 3015 for flipping 2010. It was a bit of a controversial call, and I can remember some individuals on some of the teams being very riled up about it.

It was 3015 flipping 2010 over.

I would have been, 3015 and 2010 met bumper to bumper once 2010 was clearly going vertical 3015 backed off. 2010 wound up completely flipped due to their own actions and was given the 10 second grace period to try to right themselves.

I don’t see a G24 here but it was up to the head ref and if thats what he saw he has a better view then I do on that video.