The Best Team(s) in need of an event win/

Generally the referees at upstate NY events are fantastic and relaxed. That was very much a judgement call, and unfortunately it fell against 1511 and 3015 in that case.

Their opponents, 578, haven’t won an event since 2001, despite having some close calls and some fairly competitive machines in that span of time, including being finalists at the 2016 NYC Regional.

We came through.

Consider this streak of bad luck for 103 successfully snapped. They’ve already won twice this year.

Very Happy to see Team 103 back in the mix.
Great Team! Great People!

Up until last weekend in Kansas City, I would have said 1987 Broncobots. Their previous and only win was 2010 in Oklahoma, even though they consistently build fantastic machines and reach the elims. Congrats on their win in GKC!

It is an absolute crime that 456 (Siege Robotics) hasn’t won a regular season event in their 17 year existence. They have gotten very close many times (RIP the 2015 dream :’(), but just haven’t been able to get over that edge to grab a regional win. They always build a very solid bot. They aren’t always the best on the field, but they are very consistently top 8 in the rankings.

I’m also surprised to see they haven’t snatched a RCA or EI either. They truly are an awesome team and they deserve a trip to worlds.

EDIT: Just realized this thread required the team to have won before 2013… but I think 456 has been consistent enough to get a mention.

Still gonna go with 461, 1720, and 1741 on this one. Especially after seeing all three of those teams compete.

I agree that 1720 is becoming a competitive contender, but according to the rules they are technically invalid in this thread due to their win at the 2016 Walker Warren Event.


Thanks Sean, glad to see we have broken the curse! First in our history to win two events in a single year I believe, and that has us reeling!

The past couple of years, well, nearly a decade now, has been much about rebuilding and figuring out what we need, and how to improve. There have been a lot of ups and downs (more of the latter TBH), but I think the team is finally on a really great path. It’s been an awesome year so far, and really looking forward to the rest of the season!

As for the team I believe is much deserved for a win who has not had one in a while, I have to nominate 272, the Cyber Crusaders. Although they did win Hatborogh Horsham in 2014, they don’t have too many other events to their name since 2007. They are an excellent team with excellent people, and I would love to see them back on top again!

We hadn’t won a regular season event since Wisconsin 2012 prior to winning Miami Valley in Week 2. Time to begin another 5-year drought! :slight_smile:

A big one you guys are missing that is on a dry spell is 71 if this had a cutoff at 2014 cause I believe they won Midwest in 2013 they would be on the top of my list. They have been finalists but no blue banners lately before 2013 the last blue banner came in 2011.

Gotta throw a few reps at 1279, Cold Fusion (another MAR team).

They have been without an official event win since 2006, but CONSTANTLY in the elims. They had a couple down years in 2015 and 2016 during some changes, but really a perennial contender nonetheless, and want to recognize that. This year they have performed well, but no luck.

Team 25 can finally be taken off this list after winning the mount olive district two weeks ago. They still have another competition coming hope and I expect them to do great there as well.

Well you can say that our dry spell of championships is over with winning the Los Angeles Regional.

For Colorado, I’d say 4499 and 159. Both are great teams with great robots, and I can’t believe neither has won a regional yet (although both have gotten close).

I’m surprised Wildstang (111) hasn’t been mentioned, they used to be one of the best teams in the world including 3 world championship wins (2003,2009,2011) but they haven’t won an event since 2013.

191 has broken their streak now also.