The Best Team(s) to Never Ever Win an Official Event

Welcome back, for those unaware I made this thread, in 2012 and followed it up with this thread in 2016, I decided to come back to this topic a year earlier than my four year cycle as several areas have switched to districts and championsplit has happened since resulting in more teams being able to leave this illustrious group. (Shout out to 3653 one of my picks in 2016 who went on to win in 2017 & 2018)

Here are the rules for those who haven’t contributed before as well as those who need reminding:

  1. You must compete with the team fairly regularly
  2. The team must have competed in 4 straight FRC seasons aka since 2016
  3. Teams must already be signed up to compete in the 2020 season
  4. They can not have won any official event
  5. An official event is one that provides a FIRST Blue Banner (Regional, Distict, District Championship, Division, Subdivision, and Championship)
  6. They can not be your team or teams.

While not a requirement I also would like everyone to list why they think these teams are good enough to win, and what has kept them from getting the coveted Blue Banner.
Bad Luck? Mechanical Inconsistencies? Scouting Issues?

So from Florida I am going to once again bring up 3556 GET SMART and my new contender 2152 SMASH

3556 has continued to be stellar since the last thread but still hasn’t been able to get the W. Heading into their 10th year they have now attended 11 Regionals regionals have only missed elims once all the way back in their rookie year. They now boast a trio of finalist appearances (2012, 2016 and 2019 Orlando Regionals), as well as falling to the eventual winners during their 2013, 2014, and 2017 Orlando Regional runs. 3556 unfortunately appears to be a victim of either geography, the waitlist, or financial ties as they have only been able to to attend two regionals twice (2015 and 2016) and would have (in my opinion) won an event by now if they were able to consistently attend two events. GET SMART may benefit from the lack of bag heading into 2020 as they improve over the course of their events showing, to me, that a lack of practice may be another factor keeping them from a Blue Banner.

2152 had a breakout year, which helps elevate them in my opinion. While not as consistent historically as 3556, SMASH showed this year that everything for them may have finally clicked. A number 1 seed, finalist appearance and Chairman’s Award all at Orlando shows that 2152 is a true contender for both on and off field awards. Their showing on Galileo this year (5th seed alliance captain, semifinalist) also showed that at the highest level they are a force to be reckoned with as had they been on the other side of the bracket they might have gone further. 2152 would benefit from competing outside of Florida, as well as potentially putting more focus on strategy and scouting, or asking for help at it as certain things this year may have gone differently with a different strategy or data interpretation.

Honorable Mentions:
1523 (Very good 2015 & 2017 but seem to be their own worst enemy the last two years)
5816 (Improving year over year with their best robot yet this year, would also benefit from attending more events, potentially out of state)

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1726 is ineligible, having three event wins (the last being in 2013). 2996 is also ineligible, for the same reason (last in 2014).

Line 4 of the rules.

I’m going to nominate 599 Robodox. Solid performer, multiple regional finalists… and still no blue banner through a combination of bad luck and being on the wrong side of the draw.

Why dude. This is so much harder.
Teams to Never Ever win an official event. Basically during competition season, the best playoffs match is the finals, which they must lose to be a finalist. No wins EVER.

For those who want to highlight recently competitive teams who have won in the past but not recently let me direct you to this thread

Half this list would be California teams and probably Michigan.

Definitely going to have to think this over though.


Prior to 2019, I would have said 3647. However, they won 6 of their 8 events this year (3 regionals, 3 offseasons).

Which leaves me with 3128. Finalists at San Diego in 2017 and 2018, on Newton in 2018, and at Monterey Bay in 2019. In 2019 they were the undefeated first seed until finals where mechanical problems crippled both 3128 and their first pick partner, 2073. The last time they missed elims at a regional level was 2013.


You beat me to it.


We’ve never won, and I like us. Maybe this year


In MN I would probably go with 2987.
They have been really solid the last 5 years with a couple of finalist appearances and a couple of 1st seeds. Add in a White House visit last summer for their custom wheel chair build they really seem accomplished with no blue banners.


461 - Westside Boiler Invasion
They’ve been finalists many times, they’ve got 5 blue banners (4 for Chairman’s and 1 for WFFA), and they’re definitely iconic.


For Western Washington I would say 5588. In 5 years of existence they have only missed districts champs once, have 2 finalists and have won 15 awards while completing at 16 events.

Also, if it wasn’t for rule 6 I would make a case for either of the teams have worked with.


TNT 280
They’ve been a team since 1999 (22 consecutive seasons!), and are an upstanding team in the community that has won multiple District Chairman’s Awards, and has made Finals a couple times, but has never taken home the W.

1504 Desperate Penguins
16 consecutive seasons competing, 3x Finalist, competed in 4 State Championship events, just haven’t got the blue banner yet.

2611 Jacktown Vectors
13 consecutive seasons competing, 5x Finalist, including this year at the Detroit World Championship and 3 different yrs at the same district event. Just can’t seem to seal the deal.

There are plenty more in FiM, but these are the ones that stood out to me.

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Wait, really? Wow, I definitely assumed you guys had a few banners under your belt. Since the official rules say you can’t list your own team, I’m going to say 1339 Angelbotics.

Finalists in Utah and Colorado in 2017, Colorado in 2016, and only missed elims twice since 2011. We’ve played against them before, I can can attest that they’re the real deal.


For New England the first one that jumps out to me is 5813, they’ve crafted some elegant robots over their 4 year career, and have been finalists 3 times during that span. I distinctly remember in 2016 as a rookie they could put up 10+ boulders a match, they’re one of those teams that just ‘got it’ when they came out of the gate. If not 2020 I’m sure sometime soon they’ll be able to acquire some of that blue fabric.

Bonus shoutout to 6329 who started in 2017 so it doesn’t technically count but I’d still put them at the top of the best NE teams without an event win list.



Just hand 'em an “always the bridesmaid” award and be done with it!

+1 for 1339, they’re an extremely impressive team with even more impressive people.

Another amazing team in Colorado without a win is 2240. As well, 4499 has yet to acquire a regional win despite building amazing bots year after year, although they technically do not qualify for this due to their trip to Einstein in 2018.


We got real close with them last season. 1 red card killed the dream, but I still think it was the best robot they’ve ever built as a team. 461 is trending up that’s for sure, I feel a banner coming for them.

  1. Finalists twice in 2017 (including their division at MSC) and once in 2018. Played with them a few times in 2017 and was incredibly impressed with their robot and their team. Definitely due for a banner.

4655 Stateline Robotics from Illinois. This team has been in the playoffs for every regional event they have attended since 2015 (11). They always seem to have a great shot but can’t quite make it.