The Best Team(s) to Never Ever Win an Official Event

For my money its gonna be 1712. 2016 was their breakout year IMO, and ever since then they have consistently made it to DCMP and a few times to champs too. Who could forget their 2018 robot which honestly was one of the best bots in the district that year and they got a Finalist appearance at their first district then too.

10/10 team would play with them again


Top 10 ELO Teams with no Chairman’s or Event Wins:

  1. 59
  2. 5676
  3. 3635
  4. 509
  5. 3128
  6. 3555
  7. 2611
  8. 2539
  9. 4041
  10. 4970

The name that sticks out to me the most from this list is 2539 because holy cow… they were really impressive this year.

For MN, the team that really sticks out in my mind is 3100 since I have the prior knowledge that they’ve never made champs, but I love their team and I know it’s going to come super soon. The past 2 years they have built some super solid and competitive robots.


Why filter out the Chairman’s winners? ELO is an on-field performance metric. Even a Chairman’s powerhouse can get inches from victory over and over again.


I just had this on hand because I had previously looked at the best teams without a blue banner, which is a slightly different question. I had no intent of trying to portray the data in any certain light.


They have a 2001 divisional win, it has been a long time but they do have 1 blue banner. Hence why they are on my other thread

Never got a chance to respond to this, wasn’t really on CD in 8th grade. @waialua359 we can travel with the school funding it, but only once. meaning either we can go to a second regional and automatically count us out of champs regardless of if we qualify, or just cross our fingers at Hawaii regional. The policy extends for all sports teams and clubs, so I doubt it will change anytime soon. Kinda disappointing, but we try to make the most of it nonetheless. Last year was a bit of a rough year with a change in coaches and other issues like starting to develop swerve in season, but this year might be good for us, due to the lack of bagging, and some offseason development stuff. Fingers crossed.

Still can’t bring myself to watch replays of Monterey… shot right through the heart.


From WOW I nominate 5413. They have been around since the 2014 offseason, competing with our practice bot chassis from that season and winning MVRC as a pre-rookie. They were finalist with us in 2015 at the Buckeye Regional. They always build a super competitive robot and are consistently a top team at our local regionals. The only blue banners they have earned is a WFFA award in 2018 .


Great catch… stupid history getting in the way of my “facts!”

Here’s an updated list of top ELO teams in both categories

No Event Wins No Blue Banners
5676 5676
3635 3635
509 509
3128 3128
3555 3555
461 2611
2611 2539
5414 4041
2539 4970
4041 5933
4970 1153
5933 7407
1153 7553
1712 5010
7407 5507
7553 4909
5010 3695
2341 6867
4944 6528
5507 4213
4909 5224
3695 5641
6867 4855
2152 5436

5414, 5933, and 4944 are surprising to me. All of those teams are excellent.


Your blue banner definition might need some refining, still. The Woodie Flowers Award did not always give out a banner.

F my old team 3635, gonna finally get one this year I hope.

5414 - Pearadox is due
They have won almost all the other awards.

2019 Champ Subdivision Finalist
2019 District Finalist (twice)
2018 Colorado Regional Finalist


1153 is definitely at the top of my list just because of how long they’ve been doing well consistently in New England.

Can I nominate 5010, we’ve never even been to champs (if you dont count rookie all star) I’m not biased I swear


The only team left in eWA who desperately needs one in 4980. Dual finalist runs at WV in 2018/19, and seeded on Roebling in 2018. Its only a matter of time before they finally break their event win drought.

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I agree. 5010 was one of the best cycling robots at Indiana State Champs this year and secured a spot at IRI without qualifying for worlds. You guys definitely have a blue banner in your future.


3875 Red Storm Robotics

2x Finalist (2019mikng and 2020mikng), 3x #1 seed (2017milak, 2019mikng and 2020mikng), and 3x Chairman’s winner. Both times they were finalists the score margins were tiny and lost on penalties.

Looking at their record, they aren’t always the best, but coming up to Kingsford they seem like a dominating team.

2706 Merge , they got really close to Einsteins (Daly Division Finalists 2018). Never won a blue banner so far (2021 is there lucky year).

As a city, Eastern Ontario only ever has 1 blue banner with over 15 teams. 4783 in 2019.

4944 is a shock because they were a subdivision finalist in 2018 as an alliance CAPTAIN! But I’m afraid they were a robot that fell into the “donut from hell” that year–they couldn’t reach the scale, but they were so good at the switch and exchange that they would be picked up by a low seeded captain every time. They are a team on the rise and I expect they might have won a regional this year.