The best thing you can do when reporting a problem ..

The best thing you can do to help speed up things when reporting a problem (bad user profile, signature, thread, etc) is to include a direct URL to the source of the problem.

I’m lazy, I admit it – but I hate having to pull up the search page and spend 5 minutes trying to find out which thread you’re referring to by your 2-3 phrase identifier. (‘that thread about motors’, ‘the chairmans award thread’, etc). A direct link to the particular post is good, too; some of these threads are huge.

The same goes for user profiles (‘user X has a huge signature’) – provide a link to their user profile, it’ll make my day. Even to a post they’ve made, so I can click their username and pull up a detail page. A link to click will make the problem be resolved a little faster … and it all adds up.

Most of the time, when you’re reporting a problem, you’re already on that users detail or viewing that thread … copy/paste the URL in your address bar, please! :slight_smile:

… sorry for the rant.

I should mention, clicking the ‘Report this post’ button will provide a link. I was referring to any other method of reporting (via PM, IM, email, or if you’re referring to another thread).