The best websites?...

Hey all, I would like for you to give your opinions on which website(s) you think is/are the best…in terms of layout, information, interaction, etc…you know, overall
Also, if anyone has a list of previous website award winners (regional and national) I would also like to take a look at that, too

Please, exclude your own team´s website when posting your faves…unless it really is absolutely awesome (let´s be humble here, hehehe)

Thanks… will be one, I can tell you right now.

–Petey <-- Heatwave’s website, I like the layout because the header interacts with their “Flame” logo, and the body has a basic layout thats not hard to understand. <-- Color scheme is excellent, everything follows the red, grey, white colors; layout is also very good to work with, easy for visitor to understand <-- Overall just a very interactive, user-friendly website… great use of the background and header to convey the purpose of each individual page <-- very professional, resolution-friendly, links are interactive… yet don’t make you wait too long, few links… making it easier to find what you are looking for <-- interesting layout, however some people don’t have flash and you don’t want to spend too much time on animations or else it takes too long to work around the site <-- links “animate” but instantly show up on another part, so you don’t have to wait for the links to “load”, everything important is on the main page

There are many other websites, these are just the ones that I could think of just now… I’d say look through these and browse through some other websites as well just by clicking on teams at, bringing you to the teams’ website. Hope this helps.