The big screen at events

I just got an email from a visitor at the NE Waterbury event asking about the big screen. What are the AV guys using at events?

You mean, specifically what technologies are used for the event screen? I think most New England events contract AV production with JX2; you might be able to contact them?


If you’re asking about the the graphics on the big screen. It’s a custom piece of software developed by FIRST that communicates with the Field Management System. It runs on a dedicated laptop that is connected via HDMI to the A/V equipment. Theres some information on it here:

Thanks. That was part of the question and a good read. The graphics are awesome. Super easy to read.

I sometimes have difficulty reading the red.

Not surprising, since red is a lighter value than blue, and yet they use white characters on it, instead of black, like they should.

The screen at Woodstock CT was impressive. Looked too big to be 1 piece but I couldn’t see any joints. There is probably a balance between a great display and a vision problem but this didn’t seem to be an issue.

I reached out to JX2. Super service. More than happy to share info on the screens they use.

It’s an LED Screen made up of individual 500x1000mm panels that lock together to form virtually any size screen

The data from the wpilib is just as impressive. It works well together.

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