The Blue Alliance Alfred 2 Workflow

Hey ChiefDelphi!

Recently, the team behind Alfred released version 2. The big feature for Alfred 2 is the inclusion of workflows. They’re basically more advanced extensions than what the previous version of Alfred had.

Alfred is a Spotlight-on-steroids application for Mac that brings many features to OS X. I highly recommend checking it out.

Now, let me cut to the chase. I have created a Blue Alliance Workflow that grabs various data from a team’s page. All right from your desktop. The entire TBA database is just a keyboard shortcut away. Just hit your Alfred keyboard shortcut and type tba and a team number.

If you’ve got the Alfred Powerpack and would like to use this workflow, you can get it on GitHub

I’m also open to suggestions if anyone else who uses Alfred has any ideas.

Kobi Tate