The Blue Alliance API Google Sheets Addon


The GitHub code file has been updated, I’ve added in support for OPR/DPR via the following function:


Good luck to everyone building their scouting systems this year! I hope this can help some teams.

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First, thanks for this. It has been a great challenge and I think I am starting to understand and write some of my own by looking at yours.

I was trying to pull in the match predictions and I cannot seem to do so. I added these lines

function tbaMatchPrediction(eventcode){ //
return ImportJSON(“” + eventcode.toLowerCase() + “/predictions?X-TBA-Auth-Key=” + auth_key);

I get back an error that I do not have enough columns even when I have expanded them like crazy. Any advice?

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When using tbaEventMatches the matches get sorted in alphabetical order, not by the match number, could you possibly fix this?

Sorry for the late reply - could you shoot me a private message or email and give access to the Google Sheet you’re working on so I can take a look? My first thought is to make sure you’re passing in full event codes in as strings such as “2020code” or “2019utwv”, with the year and event code in the string.

I’ll take a look to see if I can build this in.

The GitHub code file has been updated, I’ve added in support for match breakdowns (header & without header):

Note that the columns will change based on the year of match you’re analyzing (the score breakdown format for 2019 is different than it is for 2020).