The Blue Alliance API

I’m currently working on creating a program for our team using the blue alliance api and was confused about the api. I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial or a complete list of the functions that are on the api. (ex. how to get a team rank).
I was also trying to download PyQt5 on Pycharm and it wasn’t working(it would say downloaded but, none of the functions would work), I was wondering anyone had a fix for this.
Thanks for the help!

You can find documentation for all the various Blue Alliance APIs here:

Thanks for the reply,
I was looking through the documentation and testing somethings out, and was wondering what the “match id” is. Thanks for the help!

I don’t know where you are finding “match id”, could you be more specific? If you are talking about match_key, that is the unique key that you use to get a match from TBA, and the format for it is [year][event code]_[match code], with year being the [year] the match was played, [event code] being the code of the event the match took place at (find them here), and match_code consisting of the match type (qm, qf, sf, f) and the number of the match. For example, the 2nd final match of Arizona North Regional this year would be 2018azfl_f2.

What programming language/package are you using to pull from TBA? Some packages have different names for the different things.

I am using python to pull from TBA. When I run the code this is the error message.

Your problem is that the match key you entered (the first argument in the tba.match function call) is not valid. See my previous reply for the proper formatting. To fix your current problem, replace ‘qf4m1’ with ‘2017iri_qf4m1’. Without this TBA doesn’t know which event to look for the match from.