The Blue Alliance - Better URLs

You no longer need to see internal database "eventid"s and "matchid"s floating around on The Blue Alliance anymore. You can access events and matches directly by using logically constructed names for them:

Team 177:

Boston Regional 2009 Event:

Boston Regional 2009 Qualifications Match 1:

Boston Regional 2009 Finals 1 Match 1:
(ok, so I know there’s only 1 set of finals, but currently you specify the set number to keep it consistent with everything else.)

Now you can guess the URL for any page on The Blue Alliance! The error pages if you guess wrong need some work, but that’ll get improved. Old URLs work as well, so any links you had from before will still work.

Please let me know if you run into any errors or have any ideas on how to improve this!

It seems like this is a new issue (as it did not exist before the new URL structure was implemented), but upon viewing the team list for the Connecticut Regional using both the new and old URLs, the page returns a list of errors from the Team:getPhoto() function (it’s missing argument 1). There appears to be an error for every team.

Thanks Art. I’ve fixed it.

The badges (for forum signatures, etc.) don’t seem to work anymore for me either.

Shuffled around some database configs that broke that. Thanks! Fixed.