The Brazilian Machine on a Fire Truck

Oh Yeah!

The first FIRST Pacific Northwest Regional (Seattle, WA) was really great, thanks again for everyone there.

During the Qualifying we scored 0 points twice in a row and we were in the last place on the ranking. But this bad luck left us and then we scored 117 twice in a row, jumping from the 36th position to the 5th. At the end of the day, the Judges Award was an awesome surprise to us.

The Brazilian Machine wanted to pair with the Gila Monsters at the Elimination Matches, just like we did in VCU in 2001, when we were the Champions together. Unfortunatly, #383 and #64 weren’t between the 8 ones to choose other teams, but I’m glad that both of us got picked.

Our alliance partners were 753, from Oregon, and 833, from Hawaii. Our strategy was pretty simple and efficient: we scored balls and they messed up the opponent’s strategy. Teams 753 and 833 used no claws to grab goals and had no ball scoring mechanisms, and they were GREAT partners, always doing their job.

It was a great honor for us to be the champions.

After 22 hours of planes and airports, we arrived back in Brazil. We are really proud of being brazilians and really glad that we brought two trophys to our country. Our friends recognized our success and received us with a militar band playing the brazilian anthem and our state (Rio Grande do Sul) anthem.

We went from the local airport to our school (Província de São Pedro) on a Fire Truck with its loud siren, with many cars following us blowing their horns, and motorcycles from the police stoping the streets for us to pass. Everyone stopped to see those students that had an incredible opportunity in a rising country that doesn’t have a lot of people into science and technology yet.

I’d like to thank, in the name of the team #383, everyone that helped to make FIRST what it is today. Let’s keep spreading the spirit! We are all big winners.

Rodrigo Ribeiro
#383 - The Brazilian Machine

i want to ride on a fire truck. :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though, that’s really cool for you guys. Going all the way from Brazil to Seattle is no short trip. The fact that you guys built a robot, then flew across a few thousand miles to compate is amazing in itself. Add on that you got two awards, well, no wonder you got a firetruck. :smiley: Hope you guys do as good, if not better, next year!

thank you very much!

I agree that it would be awesome just to be there.
And I believe it’s awesome for every team that just was there, even if they could go by car or on foot instead of flying seven thousand miles.

Rodrigo, next time you’re up here (Seattle) we’ll go cruising through the town with your trophies and my team’s trophy strapped to the top of the car. :slight_smile:

I am impressed! It is always so good to see you guys at Nationals, I know how hard it is for you to get up here. Congratulations on the win and spectacular return home. Are you making it to nationals this year? If not I won’t be able to stop by your pit and say Hi and Good Luck.
Congratulations again.

Let me add my congratulations to our “Brazilian Buddies”. It is always a treat for us to be your pit neighbors - we really missed you in Richmond.
Another great job by our friends from the South!

So Digo, do we get to see any pictures this year? I enjoyed see the pictures last year they were great. Oh, and this year if you guys do make it to nationals we are going tohave to go on the Aerosmith Rockin’ Rollercoaster. We didn’t get to last yar because you guys had to go. Oh, well there will hopefully be this year! Congrats on your victory in Seatle! I’m glad things went as well for you guys there as they did at VCU last year!

Congrats on your good luck. That’s really awesome what everyone did for you guys when you returned.

carolyn, i’ll have some pictures up soon, with members from teams 360 and 383. god i love digicams :slight_smile:

with DAYS missing for the nationals, we still don’t know if we are going or not. the high school is trying to get the sponsors, I think.

Rodrigo Ribeiro
#383 - The Brazilian Machine

The Gila Monsters were also extremely disappointed that we couldn’t ally. But things worked out for the best and our team had just as much fun watching you guys win as we would have had winning it ourselves. A big congrats again, and we are really really hoping to see you guys in Orlando, everyone on our team is looking forward to seeing you guys again. Tell everyone that the Gila Monsters say hi.