The brick clicks, nothing else

I have searched already, nothing on the forums has pointed this out yet, so here goes.

Working with my FLL team today, I was trying to show them how to load a program into the NXT brick, when all of sudden the screen turned blank, the light sensor remained on, and the speakers started to make this low pitched clicking noise. Cannot seem to load up firmware either.

Any solutions or procedures that can be followed in order to breathe life into the brick again??? Thanks!


Wow. You’re good.

Ask Lugnet. They’re the Lego gurus.

Have you tried resetting the brick? I don’t have one with me atm, but on the underside, towards the top, you should see a button in one of the holes. Stick a paper clip or something else thin in there to hold down the button for about five seconds, and the clicking should stop. Then connect the usb cable to a computer, and download the firmware again.

I’ve noticed this occasionally happens when switching between different firmware versions, but have yet to find any real pattern to it. There’s a patch available on the mindstorms site if it keeps happening.

OK, problem fixed after a patch installation and another odd change, which leads me to another question:

did anyone get bad USB cables in their kits??? I switched to another cable, an older one at that, and the brick got the firmware on the first try.