The Brunswick Eruption

You are invited to

The Brunswick Eruption

November 16th, 2002
North Brunswick Twp. High School
North Brunswick, NJ

Not only are we holding a replay of the zone zeal game but we also plan a number of robot olympiad type events. FIRST robots from prior years are welcome to compete.

Cost- $125 per machine. We seek a field of 24

This will be one of the neatest robot events you have ever seen. You will want to be there. Please come out!

To register for Brunswick Eruption e-mail us at

[email protected].

I can’t believe I left that out!!!

What kind of robot olympiad type events???

What kind of robot olympiad type events???

We Will have things like a robot tug of war, races and stuff like that

Robot tug o’ war huh??? Curioser and Curioser!

Maybe we’ll see you there!

Just out of curiosity has anyone decided or plans on coming to the Brunswick Eruption?